Forensic Accounting Expert in Chicago and Milwaukee

forensic accountant chicagoYou need a forensic accountant to investigate a fraud, calculate damages in litigation, or uncover financial evidence to aid in a criminal defense. Do you need a large firm with a team of professionals who can be deployed around the world? Or do you need one expert who is qualified, hands-on, and will testify well?

Tracy Coenen is your answer if your case depends on a true expert. Her firm may be small, but her results are big. Tracy works alone, so what you see is what you get. You get the expert handling all aspects of your high-stakes financial case. She is readily accessible to you, and she always meets her deadlines. Sequence Inc. has offices in Chicago and Milwaukee, and is available for projects nationwide.

Sequence Inc. performs financial investigations and fraud examinations in cases of corporate fraud, embezzlement, financial statement fraud, securities fraud, white collar criminal defense, insurance fraud, and civil litigation matters. Tracy’s specialties include:

  • High net worth divorce with complex financial issues
  • Defense of criminal tax fraud cases
  • Defense of money laundering and other government financial investigations
  • Investment fraud, including Ponzi schemes and misappropriation of assets

The expert witness testimony of Tracy is strong because she knows the documents, the numbers, and the opinions. She will be able to testify well about all aspects of the financial investigation, because she is the one who does the work.

Following the trail of money is essential to winning these types of cases. Contact Tracy Coenen when you want a financial detective who has investigated hundreds of cases, and will devote her full attention to her case. Financial evidence is often deliberately concealed and manipulated, and Tracy’s wealth of experience, cutting-edge technology, and attention to detail create outstanding results in high-stakes cases.


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