Lifestyle Analysis in Divorce Cases: Investigating Spending and Finding Hidden Income and Assets

LifestyleAnalysisInDivorceCasesSmallThis book is being published by the American Bar Association, and will be released in Summer 2014. It will be the only book available on the topic of lifestyle analysis in divorce cases. While there are plenty of excellent books on financial issues in divorce, none of them focuses on the lifestyle analysis, how it is done, and how the results may be used in court.

For more information and to purchase the book, please visit the Lifestyle Analysis website.

Expert Fraud Investigation: A Step-by-Step Guide

Buy Expert Fraud InvestigationA sharp, savvy examination of financial fraud, Expert Fraud Investigation: A Step-by-Step Guide is one of the few books to take the leap from theoretical discussion to the actual nuts and bolts of performing an investigation. Fraud expert Tracy Coenen offers an insider look at many of the most common types of fraud cases and points out some of the best methods for analyzing the books and records to search for proof of fraud. Read more about the book at its website,

CPA’s Handbook of Fraud and Commercial Crime Prevention

The CPA's Handbook of Fraud and Commercial Crime Prevention

This unique comprehensive handbook gives you details, tools, and guidance on many areas of fraud prevention and detection including:

  • Audit Sampling and Fraud Examination
  • Managing the risk of fraud
  • Promoting an ethical environment
  • Risk financing and fidelity insurance
  • Computer security and system recovery
  • Internal fraud

Divorce Investigation

Are you involved in a divorce or family law case that may involve hidden income or hidden assets? Read Tracy Coenen's new book, Lifestyle Analysis in Divorce Cases, published by the American Bar Association.
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