Large Commercial Insurance Loss

A Fortune 500 company suffered a large loss due to an extensive fire at one of its  production facilities. Sequence Inc. was retained to assist with the recovery of insurance benefits.  Our role was to quantify the damages, ensuring the proper inclusion of fixed assets and no duplication of claim items. We assisted with the evaluation of replacement fixed assets, managing a high volume of financial documents received from multiple field offices of the insured.

Damages were initially estimated at $50 million, but an analysis of the property loss, out-of-pocket expenses, and business interruption losses revealed a much greater loss. The financial analysis was completed quickly, allowing the matter to be settled in one year, with the insured recovering more than $200 million from the insurance carriers.

Complex Divorce: Business Owner

Tracy Coenen was retained by the spouse in a high net worth divorce who believed her husband was using his business to hide earnings and assets, and ultimately escape paying spousal support. He filed a modification action, claiming that the net income of the business was substantially lower than the net income at the time the divorce was finalized.

High Net Worth Divorce

Tracy Coenen and Sequence Inc. were retained by a divorcing spouse who brought substantially all assets to the marriage, with little to no contribution to marital assets or expenses by husband. A prenuptial agreement was in place, giving the husband spousal support payments in an amount determined based on the marital lifestyle for the last five years of the marriage.

Money Laundering

Tracy Coenen was retained as an expert witness to examine the banking records of an individual charged in connection with a conspiracy to distribute drugs. The defendant was accused of using her business to launder funds for those buying and selling drugs.

Criminal Tax Fraud

Sequence Inc. assisted defense counsel in a criminal tax fraud case involving a small family-owned business. A former employee became an informant, providing largely inaccurate information to the government. The IRS Criminal Investigation Division engaged in surveillance, failing to uncover any information or evidence that supported the claim of criminal tax fraud.

Divorce Investigation

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