The CPA's Handbook of Fraud and Commercial Crime Prevention

This unique comprehensive handbook gives you details, tools, and guidance on many areas of fraud prevention and detection including:

  • Audit Sampling and Fraud Examination
  • Managing the risk of fraud
  • Promoting an ethical environment
  • Risk financing and fidelity insurance
  • Computer security and system recovery
  • Internal fraud
  • External fraud for personal gain
  • Commercial crime
  • Computer crime and computer criminals
  • Dealing with a known or suspected fraud
  • Fraud sector-by-sector

This reference is a key tool for controllers responsible for preventing fraud as well as public practitioners who are auditing clients and are exposed to lawsuits if they fail to detect fraud. You will also find guidance on all of these hard-hitting subject areas of interest in one place, like:

  • financial statement fraud
  • fraud investigation
  • corporate security
  • procurement fraud
  • identity theft
  • sector-by-sector fraud prevention checklists

In addition, you’ll save time and avoid costly oversight with ready-to-use checklists on the companion CD-ROM – in critical areas including risk management, risk financing and computer security.

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