Women of Influence Awards

The Business Journal
By Marci Pelzer

White-collar crooks, beware. Sequence Inc., Tracy Coenen’s nearly 3-year-old forensic accounting business, has grown 300 percent in 2002. It’s as if she looked into a crystal ball and saw the fates of Enron, Tyco and Worldcom coming before anyone else did.

When attorneys, claims adjusters and CEOs need to document embezzlement and fraud, win contract disputes, or resolve tax controversy, they call on Coenen to document misdeeds and testify in court. “My clients tell me to go find the money,” she says.

Coenen studied accounting and criminology at Marquette University. A class exploring the different kinds of white-collar crime piqued her interest, but at the time she was unsure of a practical application for her quirky passion. “I’m a numbers person,” she says.

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