Another Ponzi Scheme:


Last year a website called offered participants a 12% daily return on membership fees. The money was supposedly to be earned from viewing advertisements on the internet: 12 ads per day. After viewing the ads, members would be paid based upon how much they invested in “upgrades”.

The FBI and SEC are currently investigating this company for allegedly offering a Ponzi-like scam. Simply put, a Ponzi scheme is a fraud that promises a “return” on invested dollars, but really only pays old investors with the money of new investors. No “returns” are ever generated.

12dailyPro is an “autosurf” website, that promises people money just for viewing pages on the internet. On this particular site, a membership is free, but upgrades in increments of $6 are required in order to receive cash from the program.

The site is run by Charis Johnson, through a North Carolina company she owns called LifeClicks LLC. The main payment processor for the site,, has frozen all funds while the investigation is pending.

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