Finally, a Consequence For Michael McGee’s Behavior

This isn’t much, but it’s a start. Milwaukee Alderman Michael McGee has had his drivers license revoked now that it has been determined by Wisconsin Department of Transportation that he had driver’s licenses under two names.

DOT merged the records of Michael I. McGee and Michael I. Jackson (the same person) on June 26. Jackson had a revoked license since March of 2000, so the entire record is now under a revoked license. The Jackson license dates back to at least 1994, and was revoked in 1997 and 2000, and these revocations were related to McGee/Jackson’s hitting of a parked car. The McGee license was issued in 2000, and has had 2 citations since then.

The Jackson revocations occurred after Farmers Insurance Group sued him for $2,246 to recoup costs from the 1996 accident. According to Attorney George Schimmel who represents the insurance company, the company sought revocation of his license after missing several payments on a payment plan he agreed to. Farmers Insurance is still owed about $650, and Schimmel says that it appears McGee/Jackson stopped making payments on the judgment after he got a driver’s license under the McGee name.

Further complicating the situation is a bankrupcty petition filed by McGee and approved in 1997. McGee’s lawyer says that the debt from the accident was extinguished in bankruptcy. However, it appears that the bankruptcy petition was in the McGee name (not the Jackson name listed in the judgment), the bankruptcy petition occurred three months prior to the Jackson accident, and the McGee bankruptcy petition did not list the accident damage as an outstanding bill.

Could there be fraud in this bankrupcty filing?


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