What Does the Future Hold For Finance and CFOs?


Financial Executive Magazine
By Jeffrey Marshall and Ellen M. Heffes

The editors reached out to a wide range of experts — CFOs and former CFOs, consultants, academics, accountants and technology vendors — to get their thoughts about what the coming years could bring for financial executives.

If you’re old enough to remember the 1960s’ cartoon, The Jetsons, you’ll recall a very different vision of the “future” than the one we’re living in now. The Jetsons had a robot to do housework, and traveled in a kind of mini-pod vehicle that was attached to something like a monorail. Appliances made their everyday lives largely work-free.

The point here is that speculation about the future, however well-informed, can’t accurately predict how quickly we;ll get there. As much as the world of business and finance has changed in the past 75 years, it probably hasn’t altered as much as some might have forecast. And some of the eternal truths about finance keep getting repeated, implying that change is more gradual than it might appear. Continue reading

Scam Busting: The Real Deal With Amway


I’ve had the pleasure to come into contact recently with Eric Scheibeler, a former “independent business owner” for Amway. He did well by all public accounts, rising quickly up the ranks with his wife. I’ve been reading his book, Merchants of Deception, which details his rise and fall in Amway.

The story is disturbing in so many ways. Here is a page from Eric’s website, reprinted because I think it’s really interesting to see this overview of what multi-level marketing (MLM) businesses are really like. Continue reading