“Just One Name!” Cried Mayor Barrett

Does anyone remember when all the voter fraud occurred in Milwaukee and our good mayor couldn’t believe it? He said that someone should give him “just one name” of someone who voted illegally. Here are two more… According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, two people have been charged with voter fraud by the Milwaukee district attorney’s office:

Brenity Gayton, a felon on probation for forgery, and Roderick Douglas, on parole for his convictions of robbery and burglary, each admitted to investigators that the poll records showing they voted in November are accurate, according to criminal complaints filed against each of them this morning.

Gayton, 22, and Douglas, 29, are each charged with felony counts of voting while disqualified and lying to poll workers, and each count carries a possible 3 1/2-year prison sentence. Both are scheduled to make initial appearances in out-of-custody intake court Thursday afternoon.

Just one name, eh?

tracy coenen

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