The Usana Health Sciences “Insider” Posts


In order to complete the record, I’m posting here the first four Yahoo message board postings by the alleged Usana insider. The insider has been revealing some pretty interesting things, and time will tell if these are fact or fiction…

Post #1:

Posted: April 25, 2007

So my identity can be confirmed, our account at Canaccord Adams where we buy our stock back is 15327xxx and we bought back 213,000 shares yesterday on the open market for just over nine million.

I started with the company when Jeb Bret and Peggy were still there.

Dr. Wentz’s stock in usana through American Stock transfer is broken down in the following certificates; account 9000000xxx with a certificate for 1,672,882 account 90000001xxx 1,904,762 account 9000000xxx 4,509,470 account 9000001xxx 125,000. these are the late 06 breakdowns and can be confirmed by the transfer agent.

He sold shares in February 2007 to the tune of about ten million because an investigator on the IOM interviewed a nominee board member of Gull which tipped Wentz off about some kind of investigation. Word spreads fast on a tiny Island. The investigator worked for Minkow.

Usana uses Digital Retirement Solutions for benefit plans. About one fourth of our holdings is in Usana stock which is motive for us employees to hold things together and we have been told. Check it.

One detailed transaction that can be tracked to confirm who I am took place in Novemeber of 2006 at a JP morgan chase branch in Salt Lake where Usana has accounts 633997xxx and 633997xxx and Doug Hekking cashed a check for 35k signed by fuller as well as a 968,291.63 in branch transaction. public companys do not do large transactions in this way. We told the auditors that it was for currency fees.

Other accounts we have are Barklays Bank in London, HSBC, Mizuho Corporate, Bank of America to name a few. Our credit card processor is Paymentech and the wiring of money between banks for float is our specialty.

Analysts run our company now and take our cash. The stock price is everything. The analysts tell us that we must hold the stock price up by keeping the Securities and Exchange Commission happy by providing them documents quickly. The government is falling for this but when we used cash for stock repurchases yesterday to the tune of nine million, I gave up. The inquiry can never go formal and we have to keep the stock price up and provide the Securitites and Exchange Commission info fast. They go formal, everyone knows its over and we have one fourth of our retirements in the company stock and that has been made clear more than once.

Camco Construction is the contractor on our project and we did not know when we began this over budget project that we would need the cash for stock purchases and we are too far into this.

Going to jail is not on the minds of anyone as we justify and rationalize that everyone is a short seller and Minkow is a huge liar. I have called and left messages without my name on the voice mail system of FDI.

I did not mean to hurt anyone. If the company dares deny my facts, more will come out publically. Check yesterday’s buy back and the account numbers provided.

Minkow is right but for the wrong reasons. I did not intend to sell stock on the open market as the price escalated and the company bought it back. The evidence points to that and it looks bad but I did not put together where the money comes from. The alleged theme of the report is accurate and we did dump and repurchase simultaneously and cannot allow the street to think the money came from distributors failings.

Deep regret

I will post this on the chat room shortly.

Post #2:

Posted: April 26, 2007
On August 18th 2006 we signed a lease for 1,031,686 and our 35 payments of 33,021.49 began in October 2006. This detail is provided so that people other than our inside team can realize how precise and accuate the information I am providing is. The lease is with De Lage Landen. Two employees were recently hired in customer service Shiela and Britney. The frustration of watching our management be used by traders is more than I can bear. The money spent repurchasing stock could have gone to so many other viable avenues.

We have three accounts at Barklay’s Bank 40506xxx and two others ending in 6xxx and 8xxx. The denial that I am an employee or that the possibility exists that I can be an employee is consistent with our arrogance. No one would turn on us, attitude. So riddle me this Batman ID theft from an outsider may reveal that our retirement account custodian is Matrix Holdings which formerly was Circle Now Matrix but to know that Gil Fuller has more in his retirement at 06 year end then Dave Wentz who has more in his retirement than Fred Cooper is less broad.

Paymentech is general information but six active divisions means I am who I say I am. What surpises me is what I have learned to live with. Lying to people has become a cause. We must fight for the distributors, employees, stockholders against the enemy ‘out there.’ That enemy is anyone who challanges or pushes back on our stuff. Read our year end filing. Page three we state that there are 153 thouand distributors that are active and then active is explained. But information has surfaced that not all were active.

We needed to have another line item of distributors called ‘hyper active’ and identify the few from that number in the filings that are, well, you know the rest.

Deception that I once glossed over and was satisfied with when I inquired about and was given simple explanations used to satisfy me. Not now. A name not mentioned much is Bryan Wentz. Why he formed a Sanoviv Incorporated in California that had a large financial relationship with iCentris in 2001 evidenced by a public lien that expired in 2006 but is still an active lien in Utah under the uniform commercial code. The Mexico Sanoviv is one thing but the for profit Sanoviv in California that acted as a lender to a Fred Cooper owned company in Utah is senseless.

This stock price is the line in the sand that cannot be moved because public opinion and those recruiting need the image of sucess to be upheld. So doing whatever it takes and saying whatever we have to is justified because the cause is greater than ourselves. Do you really think we want to admit that for years we have decieved thousands and thousands of people? That is the alternative to fighting for this cause even if this cause costs us all our cash and throws us in debt so that a security will not fall below a certain number.

I blame analysts who have profited from repurchases one inparticular. They say hell is a place where there is no reason. We cannot be reasoned with. And I live in a hell where objectivity has been replaced with all ends are justified by any means. More denial will bring more information no one would know.

I will post this shortly and please stop trying to reach me.

Post #3:

Posted: April 30, 2007

Dr. Myron Wentz uses Rinck Travel. Dr. Wentz has an account at Lloyds Bank in Switzerland for ‘Sephora Holdings LTD.’ That is a company unrelated to Sanoviv, Usana or his interests in Lichtenstein.

The SEC needs to check Gil Fuller’s ‘other’ email account. The emails relating to controlling the buying power of the stock on a particular day and which firms will have that information ahead of time for the benefit of certain clients and to comply with the ‘repurchaser cannot provide opening bid’ rule will not be found in the company’s general email accounts.

Gil never said that he was going to defraud the auditors. He just uses language like ‘I am one of them, I can handle them.’ And he has.

The last email mentioned new hires Sheila and Britney because I was going to ask the question I always ask when I walk through the customer service department and that is “How long before they catch on?”

They are the ones that hear the enthusiastic new prospects go on auto ship with ‘the dream’ we teach them to possess about their financial future. But after 60, 90 or 180 days they will call and cancel. So the question is how long does it take our people to catch on in customer service to the reality of what is really happening to those we sign up?

I do not sleep well anymore and as I lay awake in my bed at night I think about these things. Maybe the customer service reps do what I do and push it out of their minds. I never intended to hurt anyone but when my cousin asked me to answer ‘where does the evidence point to most convincingly’ I finally woke up. Ignorance no longer excuses aiding and abetting a crime.

The reason my last email mentioned that on April 24th the company bought back 213,000 shares of stock for an exact, to the penny cost of 9,162,429.30 was to draw attention to the company insider that sold that day. Our company has turned into a day trading outfit where the obsession is the stock price, beating the shorts, and avoiding any further slide. The strategy at our Den of Thieves was to win by innuendo which means the innuendo drawn from a stable, high stock price during the recent investigation meant that the allegations were rehashed arguments from the past. At first I thought it would work. We all did. But the report/approach which separated us from the cover and safety of private MLM’s was ripped away.

Our strategy was with seventy million in buying power and four or five firms upgrading our stock almost at the same time along with special customers being tipped on ‘buy’ days the stock price would stay higher and not become the story. Shorts would have to cover. We would win. Again.

That strategy has failed, the money is practically gone never to be recovered and there is nothing but the graveyard of bruised egos and the pathetic ramblings of fewer and fewer co workers and other outsiders who, when their name is mentioned outside the MLM community, eyes just kind of roll as evidence of a well known lack of credibility. We are a Den of Thieves.

Dave Wentz reacts out of fear and does what Gil says as no one respects him and to be accepted he goes along with what he is told by the analysts and Gil.

Our controlled disbursement account at Bank of America is 480115xxx. This is not to be confused with our general account at Bank of America of which the retrieval is easily accessed. Not the controlled disbursement account.

Consequences are not on the mind of most. If you tell a lie long enough you begin to believe it. Greed has taken over and as the stock price escalated, so did our invincibility. We are a den of thieves. Until I come forward or someone who has more courage does, asking where the evidence points to most convincingly will suffice. Check the non employee emails of Dave and Gil.

I will post this shortly.

Post #4:

Posted: May 2, 2007


Other avenues exist to communicate information from inside our company that cannot be censored. Information that only an insider would possess. I can remember us complaining about other company’s in our industry that were magnets for bad publicity which indirectly impacted us over the years. Examples like Quixtar with their Dateline expose, Herbalife with Mark Hughes before he died, Nu Skin with their issues and of course Mannatech.

But never us. Never Usana. We never had a negative article written about us. We carefully crafted our presence on Wall Street and actually made a company that is nothing more than what is portrayed in the parity movie “Believe” appear as it were somehow not connected to the stench of the multi level marketing industry.

In short, we were the most arrogant of all people and while in public we never broke the unstated MLM rule of affirming one another.s’ companies, privately we despised the above mentioned entities because through association, they made us look bad. We actually believed our own lies about ourselves. I have told them almost more out of habit than conviction.

And now we are the company that is causing eyebrows to rise. Our dirt and deception is now exposed and we have been shown to be what we really are. And how did this happen? Some convicted felon whose character was forged on a prison penitentiary football field walked up to the lily white biggest bully kid on the block and socked us in the mouth. And in a relentless fashion he keeps socking. Appeals to the best money can buy in public relations, industry experts, analyst.s upgrades in the face of all the evidence and even the friendly Utah media which has been appealed to have not slowed down nor detoured this attack.

No one but high level insiders knows what we really think of our friendly industry competition. Check Zions Bank in Utah. That is our pre Bank of America bank and where Dr. Myron Wentz receives regular, untaxed money from Switzerland on a regular basis. Three accounts there for Wentz.

I will post this shortly. They are trying to hack into your email so beware. They are gunning for you.

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