Crazy Eddie on CNBC

Last night the Crazy Eddie story was shown on Business Nation, in a short but interesting segment. The show featured a showdown between Eddie Antar and Sam Antar, cousins who perpetrated a massive corporate fraud for years.

When asked if he has forgiven himself for the crimes, Sam says he will never forgive himself. He hurt too many people.

Eddie and Sam went at each other, talking over each other and telling one another to be quiet and not interrupt. I get the distinct impression that Eddie bossed Sam around a lot when they worked together in Crazy Eddie. But Sam is a different man now, and won’t be told what to do by Eddie or anyone else.

The story also talked about Sam’s life now. Sam is an expert in real estate, but also has skills in the area of forensic accounting. Sam is taking on companies like and challenging their numbers and the integrity of the executives.

On the other hand, Eddie looks rather defeated. He spent 7 years in prison after a couple of years on the run. He looks frail. He looks like he has no fight left in him, no motivation, and no desire for anything. I could be completely wrong, but he looks like a shell of a man with no heart and no purpose.

Here’s the promotional video for the story. See if you can’t catch a rerun of the program.

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