Did you see Sequence Inc. in the Wall Street Journal today?


The Wall Street Journal had a special section today on entrepreneurs, and this blog was mentioned in an article entitled Blog It and They May Come. We got in both the print edition and online edition, and got linked too.

The premise of the article was that blogging can increase business for an entrepreneur, but it can be time-consuming. There is also an art to effective blogging… “effective” referring to actually generating new business. I wonder how many people would have thought that a blog about fraud would increase a forensic accountant’s business?

The part of the WSJ story about Sequence Inc. and FRAUDfiles:

But coming up with compelling content on a regular basis for a blog can be time consuming. Ms. Nazarian says a contract employee responsible for Internet marketing at her firm spends between one and five hours scouring the Web for interesting ads to profile in just one “Amazing Advertisements” entry.

Other bloggers are having better luck turning blog readers into customers.

Since Tracy L. Coenen started her blog, Fraudfiles, in November 2005, she has seen a considerable boost in revenue for her private forensic-accounting practice, Sequence Inc. The Milwaukee-based firm’s revenue rose 31% last year from 2005, and is expected to climb 50% this year from 2006, Ms. Coenen says. She spends about 30 to 45 minutes a day posting as many as three entries on her blog, offering news and opinions about her specialty. The blog is located within the company’s Web site, www.sequence-inc.com.

Before the blog, Ms. Coenen says, “I don’t think I ever had a case that came to me because of my Web site.” She says she currently handles about 20 cases a year, and six have come from the blog since it launched. She adds that each case generates revenue ranging from $5,000 to $25,000.

The story was also featured on the Wall Street Journal’s StartupJournal website directed at entrepreneurs.

I got a nice email today from Joel Ungar, a fellow CPA and CFE who just started his blog this month. He saw the Wall Street Journal story and says that my blog helped inspire him to start his own. How nice of him to say so!

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