Book publishing: The Book is Done!


The final manuscript was sent today, so Essentials of Corporate Fraud is officially done. I’ll have a small bit of work to do after the copy editors get their hands on it, but I don’t expect there to be much to do in that regard.

Overall the process of writing the book was fun. I wrote at a good pace and it stayed interesting because I jumped around from chapter to chapter as I was writing. One of the drawbacks of doing that was that I had a little bit of redundancy that I had to eliminate in my final edits to the manuscript. But it was not a big deal.

I’ll spend the next several months marketing the book in advance of its publishing date. It has been fun working up some of the verbiage for the “official” materials. I have started a new blog about my fraud writings in general: I’ll also be doing some other things to market the book….

We are already talking about my second book, which is very exciting. I’ll have about a month off, then we’ll seriously start planning the next one. I’ve already got some ideas and my editor likes what I’m talking about.

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