School administrator is quitting and wants a $230,000 going away gift


Ummm… NO. It’s not in your contract. Buh-bye. But unfortunately, the school board is actually entertaining her request.

Karen Petric, the 54 year-old superintendent of Witnall Schools wants to retire early. Her contract says that if she stays until summer 2010, she gets free health insurance until she’s eligible for Medicare. She wants that coverage NOW, and that would cost about $230,000.

Under her contract, those insurance benefits for Petric aren’t available now, and are capped at $90,000. So not only does she want to start collecting early, she wants that limit to go away.

She says she’s quitting because of a “safety issue,” which is widely believed to be related to a situation with a former school administrator.  She has also made mention of “stress” and something to do with the school board.

Petric may have been a good superintendent, but a deal is a deal. Her deal says she’s not eligible if she quits now, and that’s the way it should stay.

Politicians can’t keep acting as though taxpayer money is “free money” to be dished out for any little whim. They also can’t justify spending money like this by saying, “Well it only costs ____ cents per taxpayer.” These types of things should cost zero cents. We should be rolling back government, not spending more and more and more.

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