Woman gets a huge judgment against Equifax

Equifax, one of the three big credit bureaus thought they could mess with Angela P. Williams. She said she spent over ten years trying to fix her credit records after her identity was confused with someone else.

Williams took Equifax to court, and a jury awarded her $219,000 in actual damages plus $2.7 million in punitive damages earlier this month. And it just so happens this is the largest verdict ever entered against Equifax.

The credit reporting agency was apparently extremely uncooperative in correcting Angela’s credit file. Her lawyers proved that the agency kept confusing her with someone with a similar name and bad credit. She kept disputing the errors, but thy never really got resolved.

The lawsuit was filed in 2003, but while Williams was waiting for the case to be resolved, she was denied credit and wasn’t able to apply for a mortgage.

Of course, the company has said it will appeal.

1 thought on “Woman gets a huge judgment against Equifax”

  1. June 17, 2010

    Dear Tracy Coenen:

    I love to hear stories about David (Angela P. Williams in this case) and Goliath (Equifax) winning against all odds. I don’t know, but would to find out if Mrs. Williams ever received the award or has Goliath Equifax trying things up in additional shameful court maneuvers’?

    Their is or was a case in the Santa Ana District Court about credit bureaus reporting “Errors’”(?)
    Involving bankruptcies beyond 10-year limits. We are having the same problems here in Maryland and east coast area and Equifax seems to be the leader of the pack. It appears to me that Congress is in the pockets of credit bureaus. Keeping people from obtaining gainful employment because late payments and bad credit. How did people get behind with bills and how are they to repay their debts, on welfare? Oh please people give us the strength to be a King David this November and retire career “Public (???) Servants”

    Fred Hensen

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