Secrets to Success: Getting outside your “comfort zone”?

How often in your professional life have you been told to “get outside your comfort zone”? What you’re being told is: Do more of what you dislike and Do more of what you’re not good at.

How much sense does that make? You are being encouraged to beat your head against a wall, because somehow that is supposed to help you get ahead or make you a better person?

Really, that makes no sense to me. And it makes no sense to Dan Sullivan, founder of Strategic Coach. Strategic Coach is a program to help make successful entrepreneurs even more successful. And the number one guiding principle in the program is that of your “Unique Ability.”

The premise is this: Figure out what you do better than anyone else… what you absolutely love to do… and spend all of your time doing that. Take all those other things that you don’t like to do as much, and don’t do as well, and surround yourself with a team that can do those things.

It’s all about bringing out the best in yourself by focusing on your unique strengths and talents. It makes no sense to beat your head against that wall when there is someone out there better suited to doing the things you don’t like to do.

Strategic Coach wants us to be in our comfort zone and stay there. It’s where we’re most productive, most successful, and most happy. So focus on doing the best at what you’re best at… and hire a team who can do all those other things needed to make your business run smoothly.

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