I Wanted You to Love My Book…

Michael Good at Goode Value Investing did a review of my book Essentials of Corporate Fraud, but I didn’t realize it until tonight!

I admit it – I want everyone to love my book. But everyone won’t. Michael is a great example… his knowledge is way beyond that of the target market for my book. The key to enjoying Essentials of Corporate Fraud is being a beginner when it comes to fraud. The book is geared toward executives, attorneys, auditors, and consultants who are newly encountering the topic of fraud.

How could someone be a high-level executive and not be familiar with fraud? You’d be surprised! The fact is that many executives are so focused on sales numbers and the bottom line, that fraud really isn’t a priority or something they think about a lot. Until a fraud comes along or the auditors make some very serious statements about fraud risks in the company.

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Police on the Beat, Trying to Catch…. a Blogger

The Whitewater, Wisconsin police chief James Coan has sent two police detectives on a mission. They (and several other city employees, including the director of public works, the information technology officer, and the city clerk) are to spend their paid time trying to find out the identity of an anonymous blogger.

Is this blogger accused of breaking any laws? No. He is only accused of criticizing the police chief and his department. They’re still calling him a “suspect,” though.

The blogger writes under the pen name John Adams, and authors the blog Free Whitewater. The blog has been up and running for almost a year, and regularly criticizes government officials and policies. The writer says that police chief James Coan misuses his position.

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Blogging For Business

Are you interested in blogging to help you grow your client base and promote the online presence of your business? So are lots of people! But the key to actually achieving these goals is doing it right. Blogging is part art and part science, and to make it effective, you’ve got to have both parts in play.

Some people think blogging is less important than it used to be. I disagree. I think it’s even more important and more highly regarded than ever, but those who haven’t started better get a move on before it’s too late. Starting a blog from scratch is difficult and it takes a lot of time and effort to build up a following. Those who’ve been blogging for a year or two have probably established a great foundation and readership that helps make their blogging efforts important.

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Prostitution: It’s not just for governors anymore

Move over Eliot Spitzer. There seems to be a few gents lining up behind you to publicly embarrass their families. The latest is Edward Nottingham, the chief federal judge in Denver, Colorado.

There is an investigation of a prostitution ring called Denver Sugar/Denver Players, being done by the IRS and Denver police. And Nottingham’s name has surfaced as a customer for “gorgeous adult Colorado companions.” One television station reports that Nottingham’s nickname from the ladies of the night was “Naughty.”

And there are more names forthcoming, supposedly including pro athletes and prominent lawyers and business executives.

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AOL features a fraud post today to help promote my book

From the AOL Small Business welcome screen: The actual post is on WalletPop today – When employees steal: Five reasons your business could be vulnerable to fraud. And the post links to my book, Essentials of Corporate Fraud. There are already a couple of interesting comments. And they should get better throughout the day. AOL … Read more AOL features a fraud post today to help promote my book

It’s fun being number one!

My book, Essentials of Corporate Fraud, is currently the number one book in the Auditing category on Amazon.com. It’s been floating between number one and number ten all week long. Amazon updates the statistics hourly, so even one book purchase can put you at the top. So I don’t know how much the rankings mean, but it’s fun looking to see how close I am to the top anyway.

And of course, I have the proof because I’ll want to look back on this moment when my book is #52,395 in Auditing…

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Authors on the Net on Finishing Your Book

Have you been writing your book for what seems like ages? Some writers get caught in the trap of revising, revising, revising… that they never actually finish the book. Or they just put it off so long that they never have a complete book.

One secret to getting a book published is actually finishing it, so take the following advice from Phil Davis at Authors on the Net:

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Essentials of Corporate Fraud is the Cool Book of the Day

Head on over to Dan Janal’s Cool Book of the Day website and check out the information on Essentials of Corporate Fraud. I’m today’s big winner! Dan helps promote books written by his clients by telling readers about teh books, who they’re for, and why the book is soooooo good. Client, you say? Yes, I’m … Read more Essentials of Corporate Fraud is the Cool Book of the Day

Podcast About My Book, Essentials of Corporate Fraud

Authors on the Net, a site that helps authors promote their books, has published a podcast I recently recorded with the site’s founder, Phil Davis. All you self-publishers need to get on over to Authors on the Net and sign up! Phil has been in the publishing industry for a long time, and has been … Read more Podcast About My Book, Essentials of Corporate Fraud

Buzz Created By Haters is Still Buzz!

A few months ago I agreed to read and review An American Hedge Fund by Timothy Sykes. I’ve been a bit remiss in writing the review, but am finally ready to share my thoughts. The best way I can describe Tim is that he’s a character. He is a young ambitious guy, but he’s got some over-the-top ideas that I hope don’t do him more harm than good.

His creativity in regard to the stock market and growing assets is fantastic. He wrote his book to give ordinary people a peek into the life of a day trader. Tim made many mistakes while he was growing his $12k+ Bar Mitzvah money into over $1.65 million. (Incidentally, he’s working on repeating that feat just to prove that he didn’t just get lucky.) And he’s not hiding those mistakes. He’s telling the world about them.

I liked the book. I really did. I think it could have been even better with a stronger editor, though. The story is inspiring, but at the same time Tim spares no criticism of himself and the mistakes he made. What I think the book lacked is a bit of the “how-to” that I expected from it. I really enjoyed Tim’s story, and feel that adding some practical tips along with his story would have been a big benefit to the book.

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