City of Milwaukee Buys Silence of Soon-To-Be Former Employee For $30k – What Are They Hiding?


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that Dr. Vivian Chen, second in command at the Health Department is being fired. But she’s being given about $30k to keep quiet. About what?

Chen worked until February 1, 2008, but will be considered an employee until May 8, 2008, giving her extra pension credits. This date of May 8 is achieved through her sick and vacation days, plus “paid administrative leave” (read: free paid days that she didn’t earn).She’ll also get health insurance until June 30.  Total cost of hush money and benefits: $30,000.

In exchange, Chen can’t sue the city and can’t tell anyone anything about the city. And both sides agree to not say anything “defamatory” about each other. (Hint: If it’s true, it’s not defamation.)

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