Milwaukee County Supervisors Want to Stick It to the Taxpayers Again


Career politician Elizabeth Coggs (what happened to the Coggs-Jones?), who apparently has never had a real job, is crying about the compensation at her part-time job… Milwaukee County Supervisor. I’m not kidding… These are part-time jobs. And for her part-time work, Coggs gets $50,769.

But she doesn’t think that’s enough. Supervisors froze their own pay until 2012, but now Coggs wants to renege on that by sneaking in a $3,600 a year transportation allowance. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports:

She drives a lot in her work as a supervisor and paying for gas has become “a pretty expensive hardship.”

Really? So taxpayers who are enduring the hardship of higher gas prices should have to dig even deeper into their pockets for Elizabeth? I don’t think so!

She’s upset because city aldermen make more than her at $73,222, and they get an auto allowance. I’m all in favor of giving aldemen a cut so they can be equal!

And get this quote from Coggs:

“Ever since that pension deal, we have just been kicking ourselves in the behind,” Coggs said. “We cut everything, we close everything . . . It’s not that we want to be abusive” by seeking additional pay.

Sorry. The Milwaukee County Supervisors voted for the pension deal, and now they have to live with the consequences. If taxpayers have to suffer with it, they should have to suffer double.

If you check out what Coggs values, it’s lots of new and higher taxes. Here’s a summary of her stance on things from earlier this year:

  • Taxes and spending – Need to spend more
  • Transit – Need a sales tax increase
  • Parks – Need a sales tax increase
  • Privatizing services – No! Protect government employees.
  • House of Correction (jail) – Not sure what she thinks other than there’s a problem with “empoyee moral.”
  • Other issues – Good news from “men of color task force”

Note: It appears that Coggs wrote the responses herself. Check them out. The grammar and spelling is hilarious. Yes, this is who runs our community.

2 thoughts on “Milwaukee County Supervisors Want to Stick It to the Taxpayers Again

  1. just asking

    So does Ms. Coggs get reimbursed for her gas mileage? If she travels as county supervisor using a personal car, she should get mileage, provided that the driving she is doing is absolutely required in order to meet the requirements of her position. The article does not say.

    If she’s using a county car, well duh the county is already paying for it and there should be n need for a transportation allowance.

  2. Tracy Coenen

    I do not believe there is mileage reimbursement, but that’s how the job was set up BEFORE Coggs took it. I don’t believe that any mileage is absolutely required for the job. Even if it was, that’s the deal she signed up for when she became a Supervisor.

    I see this as a flimsy attempt to increase pay when the Supervisors already told taxpayers they’d freeze their pay until 2012.

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