Sarah Palin: I’m Insulted

No, it’s not what you think.

  • I’m not insulted that she chose to bring into this world the precious life that God was kind enough to give to her and her husband. No, an abortion (baby killing) wasn’t preferable.
  • I’m not insulted that Sarah returned to work 3 days after having her baby. I think adults can make good choices regarding the care of their children, even when they’re at work. (I’ve never heard anyone chastise a father for returning to work 3 days after his child was born.)
  • I’m not insulted that a mother of small children would have the audacity to run for the second highest political position in this country. No one seems to mind that a father of small children is running for president.
  • I’m not insulted that Sarah wants to expand drilling for oil in Alaska. After all, our economy needs the oil, our citizens need the jobs, and the wildlife don’t get scared when they see oil rigs.
  • I’m not insulted that Sarah Palin shoots a gun. I own a gun and I shoot it. Americans have a right under the Constitution to bear arms, and it’s time we took a good look at that document and stopped trying to take freedoms away from our citizens.

What insults me? All the women who are “insulted” that John McCain chose Sarah Palin to be his running mate.

Women are blabbing about how offended they are that McCain thought he could get their vote “just by picking a girl” as his running mate. And if they think this is the primary reason why Sarah Palin was chosen, it’s no wonder our society is going down the toilet.

Sure, Sarah Palin is “less experienced” than the other potential Vice Presidential picks McCain had in front of him. But she has so many things going for her, not the least of which include:

  • Working to clean up corruption
  • Being a political outsider when it comes to Washington D.C. politics
  • A real track record of accomplishments in Alaska
  • A positive energy to bring to the campaign and the country

And yes, she happens to be a female. But if you’re so naive to think that’s the only reason (or even the primary reason) McCain picked her, you’re nuts. Don’t you think McCain knows a whole lot more about his campaign strategy than the mommy bloggers sitting at home being “offended”?

And many of these women were staunch supporters of Hillary Clinton, a dishonest, despicable, unqualified woman who wouldn’t have gotten anywhere politically had she not ridden on the coattails of her philandering husband (who did so because she allowed it). Hillary wasn’t qualified to be President…. not even close!

So you see, I find it quite ironic that they can support someone as sketchy as Hillary Clinton, but then have the audacity to be “insulted” that McCain would pick a woman who has accomplished things and has gone places completely on her own merit and smarts, and who apparantly has a penchant for honesty and integrity. That, my friends, insults me.

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  1. Hey Tracy, I’ve really enjoyed the womps you’ve dished out here. And I have become a fan of your tenacious fight against stupidity and fraud. So what a disappointment it is to see this Website become yet another intensely passionate, one-sided political site. As if there are not enough of those.

  2. Hi Dan – I’ll be sure to get your approval before I post any other topics! Wouldn’t want to post something that I want to post on my personal site. That would be just ridiculous. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  3. I totally agree with your comments on Sarah vs. Hillary. To even say their names in the same sentence is hard for me. The women who have supported Hillary as the champion of our sex were so short sighted. I can forgive them for ignoring the damage her husband did to women in the work place. But, by standing by her man, while he disgraced the oval office, she showed a total lack of self respect and put her ambition to get ahead above good judgement which hurt all of us even more. Her supporters ignore her ambition and tacit acceptance of Bill’s fatal flaws. His abandonment of decent behavior and ethics is a blotch on his record that cannot be removed and will be remembered before any of his legitimate accomplishments. The only real conspiracy was the between the President and first lady on how to best spin the facts and save his legacy so she could later run for president and count his career as her experience. How can feminists embrace her and fail to see what Sarah has accomplished? The republicans have stolen the debate over race, economy, war, peace- and this new battle of the sexes will be a show stopper. Let us just see what everyone really thinks about the glass ceiling – will the liberals allow a conservative woman to break through first-??? Hillary must be raging around her NY mansion looking for ash trays to throw! Watch out McCain- she can really wing one across the room given the right motivation, better stay out of range I think you could be her next target-

  4. Be interested in your thoughts on Robert Reich who writes:

    “Having been through the process of “vetting” prospective cabinet members, I can tell you it’s time-consuming, detailed, and thorough. I’d like to think the vetting of a vice presidential nominee would be more so – especially one whose odds of becoming president, should she be elected, are somewhat higher than that of the normal vice president.”

    Robert concludes,

    “Do you believe Sarah Palin was put through anything remotely like this before John McCain decided she would be his vice presidential candidate, and possible President of the United States?”

    Here is the entire article:

  5. I just don’t know enough about the vetting process to give an opinion. I am interested to hear more about what exactly was done, however.

  6. I would be concerned, if I was a Republican, if the vetting process was only the 15 minute interview as being reported.

    I cannot believe that McCain is that silly – maverick, yes, silly, I hope not.

  7. Why are people talking about her decision to not abort the baby? I don’t understand why this is an issue. She made a personal decision that thousands of other women make every year. It’s not unique or special. It’s none of my business and frankly I am tired of hearing about it. This is a non-issue. She should not be using this as a political platform.
    I know that the McCain machine chose her because she is not well known and that she is a woman. You don’t think that they were trying to go after Hillary supporters that have publicly said that they refuse to vote for Obama? (Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face!) Has she not openly courted women by talking about “shattering the glass ceiling” once and for all? Has she not compared herself, albeit subtly, to Hillary Clinton? I am very insulted that the republicans think so little of the collective intelligence of the American people.
    Furthermore, the oil argument mentioned above is so lacking in reason, I don’t even know where to start. Wildlife aren’t afraid of oil rigs? Did you conduct a study on the behaviors and habitats of all wildlife that live in oil drilling areas? It’s a silly argument. Anyway, It’s not about putting a bandaid on the problem, it’s about curing the disease once and for all. I agree that Americans need jobs. So let’s give corporations incentive to conduct their business on American soil so that they can give America its jobs back. I don’t understand why this concept is so hard to understand.

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