Shop to Earn member says the company won’t refund his money

This isn’t the first reader commenting here about their ability to get a refund from ShopToEarn (aka ShopToEarth). If you sign up as a member, there is apparently a clause which offers refunds, but members seem to have a hard time actually getting their money back.

This member said:

don’t fall for this scam. I did and have now wasted plenty of time trying to obtain a refund. Ultimately I have now had to chargeback the item on my credit card.

For starters…there is NO contact number for the company ANYWHERE on their website. Once I asked for a refund my account was closed so I can’t even log in to read the support tickets to see if they have any intention of refunding me.

But his accusations get even better. He’s claiming that the company isn’t paying the members the money they’ve “earned” by recruiting others and having people shop on their sites:

Most everyone I have talked to claims to have made a few theory, meaning the magical check that shows up on their website. However, few if any have actually received that money. Some were told it would take an extra month, others were told the computer made a mistake on the routing numbers, all lies.

Remember the pyramid scheme 12DailyPro? Didn’t they get caught up in not paying members their “earnings,” which is eventually what helped bring them down?

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  1. Questions…

    Really? My long term friends have cash in the bank in the thousands from this.(9K to be exacact) Second, I see people that have cancelled in the 14 day window that have dropped. Did this person try to drop after the 14 days?

    Also, there is a phone number on my credit card bill that I can call the company. I dont think they actually have a website, so that doesn’t make sense. Its your site, no?

    Who are these people youre talking to regarding wrong routing numbers? Again, all my friends seem to have no complaints so far. (10 of them have signed up so far…)

    I would be interested in more info if you have it. Why do you think it is a scam?

    Im told Shop To Earn does not enforce any of their policies by holding a credit card number. They only ask you to spend with them if you are going to be paid due to the growth and activity of your network. Therefore, there is no downside and no risk.

    I could be wrong…

  2. Hello Really (Danna the Shill) – I’d love to see proof of those earnings. Like all others promoting STE, I’ll invite you to either send proof of the earnings or not make an earnings claim again. Isn’t it amazing how the people pushing STE have all supposedly made thousands, yet no one has offered proof of that claim.

    If you were really interested in more information, you’d actually read the posts about STE on this site. There’s plenty of information here for those who can be bothered to read.

  3. Tracy,

    Can I play wack-a-shill with “Really” too? Proponents of con jobs all seem to operate nearly the same way. It as if they are either on the receiving end of the scam or they are the badly duped ones. Wack. Wack, Wack.

  4. I just want to add some more of my thoughts/concerns on STE. I am a Broker with STE. I am not doing very well yet but my 1st check was for $120 and the company did direct deposit it on the 21st as promised. I also know several people who are doing well and have had no issues with their checks being depsoited so I am not sure why everyone thinks STE isn’t paying Brokers (or Business Builders, Website Owners) what they are owed. I just want it to be known I perosnally have had no probelms so far. If I do run into an issue I will post my experiences.

    I do know firsthand if you can’t recruit a few people (and have them do the same) you probably won’t make any real money. So, it is true that recruitment is a huge (at least 50% or more) part of it. If your network (people under you) doesn’t get huge (this is done by more people signing up) you won’t have enough people under you shopping to make any real money on the shopping part in my opinion. For example, if you had 1000 people under you spending the required $100 on earth products per month here is how you would make money: (hope I did the math correctly)

    1000 people x $100= $100,000
    $100,000 x 15% (store pay out)= 15,000 points
    15,000 points/4800 points (which is what it takes to SCORE)= 3.1
    3.1 x $600 ($550 + $50 gas card)= $1,860

    When I look at it like that it’s easy to see how you can make money but RECRUITING IS MANDATORY OR YOUR BUSINESS WON’T GROW. For that reason alone I am going to stay with it at least awhile longer and see what happens. I joined to make money in the long term anyways not necessarily right away.

    The $100 on the overly expensive earth products isn’t that big of a deal if you are making money. I mean if I had a comission check coming for $400 it would be like me making $300 plus getting a $100 (which is really $80-$85 after you get the 15-20% back)of product. That’s worth it if you think about it. Plus you have no overhead or paperwork, etc… so I really don’t think this is a huge deal breaker.

    I wasn’t trying to be greedy but just sign up the 2 Brokers that was required and also help them sign up 2 Brokers so my position would be qualified and my points would be worth money. What a lot of people don’t know is that if the 2 Brokers they sign up do nothing (meaning sign up at least 2 and spend $100 on the earth products) you can’t SCORE which is the whole point of making money in this business. Tracy also pointed out that eventually even if everyone signed up only 2 there would be a point where there would be noone left to sign up MEANING….. there would be people at the bottom so to speak who would make no money at all. That’s not fair.

    I do have a question that maybe someone who knows more about STE can answer….

    If I sign up 2 Brokers but don’t spend $100 a month on Earth prodcuts will my points just keep accumulating or will they get flushed each month? The reason I ask is that if the 2 I sign up don’t sign up 2 and don’t spend the minimum on earth products I am really not qualified to SCORE so why would I want to spend the $100 on earth prodcuts if I am not making anything except for maybe to keep my points? In a past post I commented on what STE says in their documentataion…. YOU CAN ONLY SCORE AS MANY TIMES IN A DAY AS THOSE YOU PERSOANLLY REFER WHO ARE QUALIFIED. Well if the 2 I sign up don’t qulaify I CAN NEVER SCORE.

    Example: If you sign up 6 Brokers and only 3 are qualified you can only SCORE 3x in a day- which is actually a lot of money if you think about it ($550 + $50 gas card = $600 x 3 a day = $1800 per day).

    STE just took our checks down from our sites you may have noticed. I actually wish they would have kept them up there b/c at least you could see when someone was lying to you about what they earn. Like there are people advertising their STE business online saying they are doing great but when you look them up they’ve made little to no money.

    My last comment has to do with people saying…. IT’S A GROUND FLOOR OPPURTUNITY. GET IN NOW WHILE THE NUMBERS ARE LOW…… That means nothing!! If you are the 3000th person to sign up or the 40,000th person to sign up it means nothing b/c you are starting out at the bottom of your business regardless of what number you came in at. I was fooled by this too.

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