Richard Davis and Trademark Properties win Flip This House lawsuit against A&E

The 2006 lawsuit against A&E by Richard Davis and Trademark Properties of the “Flip This House” reality show has concluded with a jury verdict. After five hours of deliberation, the jury awarded Davis $4 million.

David alleged that he and A&E had a verbal agreement to split all revenue from Flip This House 50/50. After the conclusion of one season, A&E denied that they had a verbal agreement. Davis and his crew refused to film any further shows. A&E found crappy replacements, and Davis took the show to TLC, calling it “The Real Estate Pros.”

Of course, A&E is saying they’ll appeal.

3 thoughts on “Richard Davis and Trademark Properties win Flip This House lawsuit against A&E”

  1. This is stupid…. who would make a verbal agreement with a TV network. Anyone with half a brain would get it in writing…. No question about what was agreed upon when it comes to a signed contract…

  2. I believe Davis did ask for a written contract, but they kept saying “it’s coming, it’s coming.” And then the show started filming, still with no written contract. I can only imagine how hard it was to make a decision, especially if the network was telling hm that the contract was on the way.

  3. Then A&E Should pay and just keep their mouths shut after the money is paid out. I bet they will never do that again… oh wait they probably will.

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