ShopToEarn: Don’t talk about actual money!


ShopToEarn and ShopToEarth recently communicated the following to its members:

Talk about how many times you’ve SCORED! and not about how much you’ve earned!

Based on advice from Counsel, it is very important that we focus on how many times we’ve SCORED! as opposed to the money that thousands are earning. Please make sure those doing Overviews in a public forum are aware of this. Staying consistent with talking about the times we’ve SCORED! and the many lifestyle enhancements as opposed to the money thousands are earning. This will have a greater impact on our business as time will surely tell!. This will protect the long term viability of the Company.

One of the (many) hallmarks of an endless chain recruiting scheme is a complicated commission plan. That’s exactly what Shop To Earn has with its “SCORE” system. There is a complicated system of points involving recruiting, shopping, and balancing your recruiting “legs” of your pyramid-like structure.

Why would the company not want people to talk about money earned from STE? I suspect it’s because answers involving money can be verified. Savvy consumers will ask to see proof of these earnings. When the company representative instead talks about this “SCORE” system, the consumer won’t really know what that means and so it’s useless to try to verify.

One thought on “ShopToEarn: Don’t talk about actual money!

  1. got religion?

    Tracy, I think you will find this posting of interest:

    in particular, the author’s assessment about the importance of recruiting (about mid-way down the page.)

    He also makes reference to the SCORED terminology during the presentation he witnessed.

    My take on all these MLM’s is that if you don’t immerse yourself with religious-like fervor into their program and culture you will surely end up part of the 99% that fail and even if you do completely change your life to be their minion you are, in no way, assured the success enjoyed by the few. Not my kind of odds or ROI.

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