ObamaCare Contradictions

This whole “healthcare reform” debate is making me crazy. Mainly because of all the disinformation provided, as well as the alarming sound bites played by the media. The truth is that our healthcare system in America does NOT need “reform.” Yes, there are some good changes that could be made, but we do not need massive changes because the system is really not broken.

Take the issue of “uninsured” people in the United States. This is presented as the biggest tragedy of all. Yet it’s not the tragedy the media would have you believe. The figure of 45 million uninsured people is thrown around as proof that our system is broken. In reality, it’s not proof of that at all.

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Another Dishonest Public Company Executive Uncovered by Barry Minkow

According to Barry Minkow, co-founder of the Fraud Discovery Institute, Terrell Herring, President and COO of inVentiv Health Inc. (NASDAQ: VTIV) “claims to have an MBA degree from Pacific Western University, a well known ‘diploma mill’ that ceased to exist by that name in 2007.” This “diploma” was cited in numerous SEC filngs by the company, including this May 5, 2009 proxy statement.

Not only does Herring have a diploma not even worth the paper it’s printed on, he may very well be violating a New Jersey law. Statute N.J.S.A 18A:3-15.2 explicitly states that any use of a diploma mill degree in the context of a business setting is illegal.”

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Haverhill Home Staging Posting on Blogs?

This afternoon I  found 9 comments waiting to be posted on my blog, all for the post Buying a job with Haverhill Home Staging? Questionable.

All 9 comments were done this morning over a period of about three hours, and all were from the same IP address. All praised Haverhill, and suggested that only those willing to work hard would succeed in the Haverhill course.

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Federal Tax Revenues Down Dramatically

Yes, it’s true. When the government does more to penalize taxpayers more (make them pay “more” in taxes), the taxpayers alter their behavior to mitigate things. In the case of Americans who are paying most of the income taxes (remember that 1% of taxpayers pay more income tax than 95% of taxpayer in total) they:

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