Article on NuSkin Fraud in China

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A second article was published by media in China. This one illustrated how dangerous multi-level marketing can be. The owners of MLMs tout the fact that their distributors are in control of their businesses, but that creates a problem. Distributors do and say things that may be harmful to consumers. In this case, MLM participants are saying that MLM products cure all sorts of things such as cancer.

Citron believes that the Chinese government will crack down on NuSkin. We can only hope.


One thought on “Article on NuSkin Fraud in China

  1. Denis Grady

    Ms. Coenen and any others interested,

    I recently left what I consider a MLM which clearly violates FTC and most
    State AG rules for a proper direct sellling business, Financial Education Services/ United Credit Education Services. After my brief involvement I did research on the MLM business model and as I’m sure many here would agree found that they operate outside the law. I came upon a site, International Coalition of Consumer Advocates. They have initiated a petition to the FTC asking for FTC for actual enforcement of current laws and the creation of common sense laws that will curb the abuse of these companies. I urge anyone who reads this to sign and support this organization.

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