Mark Cuban Wins Big Against the SEC

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Today Mark Cuban was vindicated again. A jury deliberated for less than a day and told the prosecutor, Jan Folena, to suck it. She tried to prove that Cuban promised to keep the information about the stock offering confidential and not trade on it. Cuban says Folena (and the rest of the prosecution team) lied about the evidence and went after him simply because he is famous.

Cuban had the means to defend himself for the last five years. But imagine if he wasn’t a gazillionaire and couldn’t afford the attorneys’ fees that surely were in the millions? This is the risk we as citizens run each day, simply by existing and conducting business in the United States. If the “authorities” get you in their crosshairs, watch out. You will be bankrupt, convicted, or both.

Congratulations, Mr. Cuban. This was a well-deserved victory, and I applaud your desire to fight rather give in to government bullies simply because that would have been less expensive.

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