Do-It-Yourself Divorce?


divorce financial analysisWho gets rich in divorce? They say only the attorneys and experts.

I’ve seen firsthand the high cost of divorce. I typically work on divorces for higher income individuals. They’ve got more complicated financial situations, and that’s my specialty. With the complications comes a lot of arguing, it seems. And even when the parties are fairly friendly, there is just a lot of stuff that has to be sorted out, and there is a cost to the attorneys and experts.

Fancy divorce attorney Laura Wasser is often  hired by celebrities to sort out their situations. She says a “typical” divorce (that’s one for the likes of you and me) will cost $20,000. Ouch. So she created a site to help people have do-it-yourself divorces.It’s Over Easy (clever name, don’t you think?) will walk you through the divorce process at a cost of $750 to $2,500. The catch is that it won’t work in many cases. In order to do it yourself, you have to have two spouses who are willing to go through the process this way and who can find themselves agreeing on how to work things out.

In many divorces, one spouse feels victimized by the other. That’s not a situation in which I can see the parties working cooperatively to find solutions in divorce. In fact, it’s likely a situation where the “victim” spouse needs someone like a divorce attorney to be his or her (strong) voice in the divorce.

If you are in a place to do-it-yourself, the site is going to lead you through a six step process to get it done:

I haven’t seen the site in action, and I don’t know anyone who has used it. (I don’t know the people who did the site either, and they haven’t asked me to write about it.) But I think it’s at least worth a look if you think that you might be able to manage your divorce without an attorney.

2 thoughts on “Do-It-Yourself Divorce?

  1. Lauren

    I didn’t use her site as it wasn’t available in NJ but I used Wevorce and it worked pretty well. When there was an issue after the divorce was finals, though, they were not helpful and couldn’t assist. My ex was supposed to tell me the day of the final court date so I could petition for my name to be changed. He didn’t so the divorce was finalized but my name couldn’t be changed and I had to do that separately.

  2. Tracy Coenen

    That was great right up until the name change problem which sounds like a pain and probably cost you money! 🙁

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