Herbalife Manipulates Distributor Earnings Numbers

When Herbalife settled the case brought against it by the FTC, it appeared the company may change how it was doing business. It was said that the company was going to start making truthful claims about earnings. But the most recent earnings disclosure from Herbalife does anything but that. Until 2017, Herbalife published statements of … Read more Herbalife Manipulates Distributor Earnings Numbers

Herbalife $HLF Doesn’t Want You to See This Video

Herbalife (HLF) does not want you to see or hear the evidence that the company is nothing more than a recruiting scheme. Audio and video footage was obtained of CEO Michael Johnson talking about how Herbalife is a recruiting company: It’s the recruiting, meaning bringing new distributors into our company, which is the most vital … Read more Herbalife $HLF Doesn’t Want You to See This Video

Herbalife CEO Michael Johnson on Recruiting

Michael Johnson, CEO of Herbalife, talks about how the company is based on recruiting. ” Today, we’re recruiting. We’re still a recruiting company, and we’ve got to never not be this [again pointing to the word “Recruiting” on the slide behind him]…” This is the problem with multi-level marketing. The “business” is not about the … Read more Herbalife CEO Michael Johnson on Recruiting

Herbalife $HLF CEO Michael Johnson on Recruiting

Last week a video was posted to YouTube showing Herbalife CEO Michael Johnson talking about recruiting. Herbalife had the video pulled from YouTube on the basis of copyright infringement. That is most certainly a bogus claim. I’m not an attorney, but I’m smart enough to understand the concept of fair use: In its most general … Read more Herbalife $HLF CEO Michael Johnson on Recruiting

Herbalife Report: “Pyramid Shakedown”

This week New York State Senator Jeff Klein and Public Advocate Letitia James issued a scathing report on multi-level marketing company Herbalife (NYSE: HLF). The report, The Amercian Scheme: Herbalife’s Pyramid ‘Shake’down, is based on complaints filed by 56 Herbalife victims. It definitively calls the company a pyramid scheme and highlights the company’s deceptive practices. … Read more Herbalife Report: “Pyramid Shakedown”

Herbalife is Not Like Vemma, Unless It Is

In light of the recent shutdown of multi-level marketing company Vemma (following allegations that it is a pyramid scheme),there has been much discussion of Herbalife. Is it a more legitimate MLM, or is it a pyramid scheme like Vemma and others that have been shut down before it (BurnLounge, Fortune Hi Tech Marketing, etc.)??? “Analyst” … Read more Herbalife is Not Like Vemma, Unless It Is

Herbalife’s Fake Business Opportunity

In a video released this week, Pershing Square (the hedge fund that exposed the Herbalife fraud) contrasts Herbalife’s public statements about the “business opportunity” with the statements made behind closed doors. Herbalife claims to offer “the best business opportunity on the face of the earth.” But the reality is that it is an opportunity in … Read more Herbalife’s Fake Business Opportunity

Herbalife False Health Claims

Multi-level marketing companies that advertise shakes and potions designed to help you lose weight and get healthier are generally all guilty of the same offense: Distributors making false health claims.  The products are generally terrible for losing weight and maintaining the weight loss. And the health benefits are nothing more than one could get from … Read more Herbalife False Health Claims

Proof that Herbalife Sucks

I have researched multi-level marketing companies for nearly a decade. During that time, I came to the conclusion that the vast majority of participants fail. What does that mean? 99% or more lose money. Since the participants are largely getting in because of the “business opportunity” to “earn unlimited income” and find “financial freedom,” failing … Read more Proof that Herbalife Sucks

Losing Money in Herbalife

I talk frequently about how almost everyone loses money in multi-level marketing schemes. Companies like Mary Kay, Herbalife, Amway, and Avon want you to believe that money is being made from retailing the products. They say they are not pyramid schemes because they have legitimate products that can be sold for a profit. Unfortunately, almost … Read more Losing Money in Herbalife