Jennifer McKinney MckMama Bankruptcy: Fraud Alleged by Trustee


MckMama BankruptcyWhat is fraud? A false representation of a matter of fact—whether by words or by conduct, by false or misleading allegations, or by concealment of what should have been disclosed—that deceives and is intended to deceive another so that the individual will act upon it to her or his legal injury.

Yesterday in the United States Bankruptcy Court, District of Minnesota, the trustee in the bankruptcy of Israel McKinney and Jennifer Sauls McKinney (known as mommy blogger MckMama, blogging at filed Case 12-06024, objecting to the discharge of the bankruptcy. Last month I published a lengthy article about the MckMama bankruptcy fraud, and today we’re going to compare what I showed you and what trustee Gene Doeling (my new hero!!!) has alleged. Continue reading

Brett Kimberlin’s List of Victims Grows


Today is Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day! Earlier this week, I wrote about Brett Kimberlin, the convicted felon known as the Speedway Bomber. This dangerous man is not only a murderer, but Brett Kimberlin also has a lengthy list of legal problems, and a long list of victims he has intimidated, threatened, sued, and gotten false criminal charges against.

Today Patrick Frey at Patterico’s Pontifications illustrates (once again) how dangerous Brett Kimberlin is. On July 1, 2011, Frey was “SWATted,” a terroristic technique in which someone calls the police pretending to be Frey and telling police he just murdered his wife. A SWAT team descended on Frey’s home almost immediately, removing him and his (very much alive) wife at gunpoint and ensuring that the children were still alive as well. Continue reading

Tom Barrett Lies About Governor Scott Walker


Elections get nasty. Mudslinging is the norm. But Tom Barrett, candidate for governor in the recall election has taken it much too far. He is blatantly lying about Scott Walker in an attempt to win votes, and it is not okay.

There are two major lies that the Tom Barrett campaign is promoting:

1. Scott Walker Opposes Equal Pay For Women

Tom Barrett’s ads say that Scott Walker is opposed to equal pay for equal work, specifically as it relates to women. That is simply not true, but it is a sensational headline that is bound to stick with some women voters who don’t know the truth. Continue reading

MckMama Bankruptcy Update: Trustee Files Motion Objecting to Exempt Property


Whether or not you are a reader of MckMama (or mommy blogs in general), this post has good information on bankruptcy fraud.  Last week we looked at the bankruptcy filing of Jennifer Howe Sauls McKinney and Israel McKinney, and discussed the many red flags of fraud that have been detected. Jennifer / MckMama has made a very public spectacle of her life, her finances, and her many money-making scams on her blog My Charming Kids, and things may finally be catching up to her.

Today the bankruptcy trustee filed a motion objecting to exempt property, essentially asking the judge to order that certain assets are NOT exempt from the bankruptcy. What does this mean? Continue reading

MckMama Fraud: Jennifer McKinney Bankruptcy


Jennifer McKinney Bankruptcy MckMama McMama ScamOnce upon a time, there was a popular mommy blogger named Jennifer McKinney. She called herself MckMama, and had a blog called My Charming Kids. She was not noteworthy in any way – – until her fourth pregnancy took a turn for the worse. Her unborn son Stellan was determined to have a heart condition, and with pleas for prayer, Jennifer’s popularity skyrocketed.

The My Charming Kids blog (with McKinney’s “MSC” or “Many Small Children” as the focus) became so popular that at its height, Jennifer was grossing at least $150,000 to $175,000 per year from advertising and money-making gimmicks.

Questions Raised

Not content to post pictures of her kids and stories about everyday life, Jennifer McKinney was determined to live the high life, and pimp out herself, her family, and her blog to maximize her earnings.  She appeared to have it all: great kids, a happy marriage, a beautiful house, a luxury vehicle, media opportunities, trips, and much more. Continue reading

National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation (CFC) Financial Statement Irregularities


The Daily Caller, a Washington D.C. based news site, recently reported allegations of bribery and corruption within the United States Department of Justice. This arises from a situation involving previous allegations of “financial irregularities” within the National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation (CFC), dating back to the early 2000s.

CFC was formed in 1969 to help rural electricity cooperatives get access to private funding.  In 1987, the Rural Telephone Finance Cooperative (RTFC) was created as an affiliate of CFC to help rural communities finance their telephone infrastructure. Much of the money loaned out comes from the federal government, with a reported $5.1 billion coming from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation between July 2005 and February 2010.

Allegations of Financial Improprieties

It is alleged that between 2000 and 2005, CFC

“…inflated its own balance sheet with millions of dollars in nonexistent operating income. At the same time, it deflated RTFC’s worth, essentially siphoning money away from a member co-op that it created.” Continue reading

Airport Naked Body Scanners Are a Fraud


I have long believed that the nonsense the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) makes us go through at the airport does not actually makes us safer. It makes people feel safer, but it doesn’t actually make us safer.

And here is the proof. The stupid full body scanners that let TSA agents see us nude are easy to get past with all sorts of metal. One simple experiment shows how any properly motivated idiot can take all sorts of metal objects (weapons!) through airports and onto planes. Continue reading

MATC Fraud Went Undetected Until First Audit in a Decade


Karen Herzog, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

When a former Milwaukee Area Technical College employee used her MATC credit card to pay for a car, a wedding trip, computers, home furnishings and other personal items totaling $259,000, the purchases went undetected until the college’s first internal audit in a decade.

The audit was requested by James Williams, vice president of finance, who was surprised when he arrived at MATC in July 2010 to find the college had not had an internal audit since 2001. He quickly sought a routine audit because a college with a $260 million budget should have one, Williams told the Journal Sentinel on Tuesday. Continue reading

The Failed Policies Of the Past


Guest post by Steve Oliver

The current #Occupier of the White House loves to tell us about the “failed policies of the past…”  But let’s have a look at what the real failed policies of the past are:

The War on Poverty.  According to the Census Bureau, in 1966 the poverty rate was 11.8%.  It has remained in a range between 8.7% and 12.3% for the last 46 years.  Fail.  Giving money to people with no strings attached does not eliminate poverty.  Helping those who cannot help themselves is a moral obligation, but the able-bodied need to work and pay their bills and taxes like the rest of us.   Continue reading

$849 Billion in Fraudulent Securities Bought By the Fed: What Are They Going To Do About It?


Guest post by Charles Seavey

The Federal Reserve owns $849 billion in mortgage-backed securities. Total reserves are $2,872 billion, so mortgage-backed securities comprise 30% of reserves. (No wonder the dollar can’t bounce, even with Europe falling apart.)


To give a sense of the scale of this unprecedented investment in questionable private securities, currency in circulation is $1,052 billion so the Fed owns almost as many mortgage-backed securities as there are dollars in existence. Continue reading