School Spending Per Child: Milwaukee Public Schools Versus Other Public Schools and Private Schools


I have written plenty about Milwaukee Public Schools and their failure to educate children, despite their out-of-control spending. Teachers and administrators always claim that more money is the answer to all their problems. And the money is for the children!!!

This is obviously not true: Continue reading

General Motors Will Never Repay Taxpayers


Last week, Reason Magazine ran an excellent article entitled “General Motors Will Never Repay Taxpayers.” I don’t really have anything to add in the way of commentary, but wanted to reprint some of the information here for your enjoyment.

I was against any and all bailouts from the very beginning. I truly believed that the markets should be allowed to work. If one or more of the automakers had a business model that could not survive in today’s economic climate, than it should have been allowed to die. There would still be demand for cars that would need to be made up somewhere, and another car company would have filled that need (at little or no cost to the taxpayers). Continue reading

Milwaukee Public Schools: Is Merit Pay the Answer?


Yesterday’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had an article on the concept of merit pay for teachers. The idea has been floated many times, but not tried very often. Teachers are against it for the most part. Wouldn’t you be? Why give up your $100,000 compensation package in return for having to earn your pay and benefits? Continue reading

Our Government Defrauds Us: Cash For Clunkers


clunkersPeople who support our government engaging in “stimulus” activities are fools. While it sounds good to “stimulate” the economy and there are supposedly jobs created and saved with stimulus dollars, the truth is that these government programs are at best very wasteful, and at the worst downright fraudulent.

Look at the stimulus numbers in general. In Wisconsin, for example, federal stimulus money was reported to have “saved” 8,284 jobs. That sounds impressive, until you find out that 75% of those jobs were government jobs. (And no, I don’t belive the government report that the jobs saved were “essential.” That’s a smokescreen, plain and simple. There are plenty of tax dollars to fund “essential” services, and the reason governments are “broke” is because they’re using tons of tax money to fund non-essential things that they should not be doing!) Continue reading

ObamaCare Contradictions


This whole “healthcare reform” debate is making me crazy. Mainly because of all the disinformation provided, as well as the alarming sound bites played by the media. The truth is that our healthcare system in America does NOT need “reform.” Yes, there are some good changes that could be made, but we do not need massive changes because the system is really not broken.

Take the issue of “uninsured” people in the United States. This is presented as the biggest tragedy of all. Yet it’s not the tragedy the media would have you believe. The figure of 45 million uninsured people is thrown around as proof that our system is broken. In reality, it’s not proof of that at all. Continue reading

Milwaukee Public Schools Teachers Admit They Suck?


The idea being proposed is simple: Pay Milwaukee Public Schools teachers more to teach a longer school day so children can learn more.

The response from the teachers union: “We’ve taken a consistent view that doing the same thing longer is going to produce the same results.”

Translation: We’re not teaching children now, and having a longer school day would only have us not teaching more. Continue reading