For months, the [tag]SEC[/tag] has been considering whether to exempt small companies from [tag]Section 404[/tag] of [tag]Sarbanes-Oxley[/tag]. Compliance with [tag]SOX[/tag] is expensive, and it was argued that smaller companies were overburdened. Instead of exempting the small companies, the SEC

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has filed a lawsuit against [tag]BioPerformance[/tag] Inc. He has also obtained a temporary restraining order to stop the company from operating. BioPerformance is an illegal [tag]pyramid scheme[/tag] that markets fuel pills with false claims.

[tag]Ward Churchill[/tag], professor at the University of Colorado committed [tag]academic misconduct[/tag], according to the report of an investigative committee. The [tag]investigation[/tag] centered around what the University referred to as [tag]research misconduct[/tag]. From the full text of the report on

Bill Mortimore, the founder and former chief executive of [tag]Merge Technologies[/tag] Inc., has been named interim chief executive officer. This follows the resignation of CEO Richard Linden, who resigned after problems with the company’s financial statements were found and

Daniel Petrocelli, the lead defense attorney for former Enron president Jeffrey Skilling, tried to convince the jury on Tuesday to acquit Skilling and Kenneth Lay of all charges stemming from the company’s failure and alleged accounting fraud. He claims

Lucky me! My social security number, along with my name and address, have been compromised by the [tag]American Institute of Certified Public Accountants[/tag] ([tag]AICPA[/tag]). They say that a computer of theirs failed, and someone sent out the hard drive

The mortgage industry lost over $1 billion dollars to mortgage fraud last year, with the dollar losses doubling between 2004 and 2005. Contributing to the fraud problem are deceptive sellers, overtaxed buyers, builders who need to unload inventory, dishonest