After stating to a newspaper reporter yesterday that he didn’t have a birth certificate and that he couldn’t be tied to anything with the name Michael Jackson, Milwaukee Adlerman Michael McGee has issued a press release admitting that his

A report issued today from the [tag]Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight[/tag], or [tag]Ofheo[/tag], said that [tag]Fannie Mae[/tag]’s [/tag]quarterly earnings[/tag] were manipulated and the company engaged in [tag]improper accounting[/tag]. The report further stated that management was allowed to disregard

Your personal information is not safe anywhere, it seems!!! The names, addresses, birthdates, and[tag] social security numbers[/tag] of 26.5 million U.S. Veterans were stolen from the home of a[tag] Veterans Affairs[/tag] employee. The employee (a “midlevel data analyst”) apparently

Bribe money allegedly hidden in a freezer

Democratic lawmaker Rep. William Jefferson (New Orleans, Louisiana) has been under [tag]investigation[/tag] for [tag]bribery[/tag], and the FBI says he was videotaped receiving a $100,000 bribe from an [tag]FBI informant[/tag] on July 30. 2005. The money was given to Jefferson