The Roca Labs saga continues… with more unsuccessful attempts to silence anyone who talks or writes about the company’s scammy product and despicable methods of squelching criticism. The company is upset that consumers, Marc Randazza, other attorneys, and media

Roca Labs continues to respond to those covering its very questionable legal threats with more legal threats. Friday night I received a letter from Paul Berger (so-called “independent general  counsel”) for Roca Labs, threatening me with a lawsuit if

Today I got a call from Everest University, asking if my company needed any interns. I let them know that I was aware of the Everest College fraud, that we are fraud investigators, and that no, we would not

For more than 17 years, I have been conducting fraud investigations, and I have learned a lot about fraudsters, their methods, and the companies they work for. Hotlines cut fraud losses in half. Anonymous reporting mechanisms like fraud hotlines

When Tim Grittani was sitting in his parents basement starting to trade with his puny $1,500 trading account do you think he had any idea would be a millionaire trader just three years later? I doubt it. Before you

Income tax audits are intimidating whether you are being audited personally or as a business owner.There is a right way and a wrong way to handle an audit by a state or federal taxing authority. It is easy to