19 Mar

Finding Bank Accounts and Financial Records

I get asked all the time whether I can find hidden bank accounts around the world.  The answer is mostly no. Brian Willingham of Diligentia Group wrote a helpful article about this last year, entitled “Can a Private Investigator Get Bank Records or Account Information?”. His answer is also no.

There are laws in place to protect your financial privacy. So if a private investigator, forensic accountant, or other professional tells you that they can find hidden bank accounts, you can be assured that they are using dishonest and illegal means to do so. Read More

04 Mar

What Do You Do With Mountains of Data in a Financial Investigation?

From my Thought Leadership series at Securities Docket:

A couple of months ago I presented a webcast for Securities Docket which focused on how my firm is using new tools and techniques to better analyze financial data in forensic accounting engagements. This topic is of interest to many attorneys who find themselves involved in cases with mountains of financial data. Getting the data is great, but your results in the case are directly related to how well you can put that data to work and make it mean something to your case.

Getting the Data
The process of discovery can be long and agonizing for everyone.  There is often a push and pull between the parties in the discovery process, as opposing counsel rarely wants to voluntarily give up damaging financial data.  It often takes several rounds of requests to get the information we seek. Read More