Book Publishing: How to Write a Book?

I found this post about writing a book on Scott Berkun’s website. Scott is an author and consultant in the software industry. Apparently since he’s written a successful book, a lot of professionals come to him for advice about book writing.

But the truth is that anyone can write a book, as Scott points out. But what a lot of people are really asking is how to get published. Here are his comments on it:

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Book Publishing: More on Securing My Publisher

When I decided that I wanted to get serious about securing a publishing contract, I knew that John Wiley & Sons was my first choice. In my industry, I believe there is no better publisher to work with. They have phenomenal marketing capabilities and an industry-wide respect that gives added credibility to their publications. Other publishers do a fine job with technical books, but Wiley was where I really wanted to be.

I initiated contact again with my editor in mid-December, and indicated that I wanted to get very serious about writing a book. I made it clear that Wiley was my first choice, and that if we couldn’t move forward, I’d look for another publisher.

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Book Publishing: Deciding What to Write

Since I got my very first book deal with John Wiley & Sons a few months ago, I’ve had professionals ask me how I did it. It’s not surprising that several of my colleagues are interested in writing books themselves, and that some of them have already written substantial portions of them in anticipation of landing their own publishing deals.

When I landed my contract, I had no idea how my experience compared with the normal experience of seeking out a publisher. But I promised my colleauges I’d write about my experience. In conjunction with that, I did some research to see how others typically get their publishing contracts. So this is the first installment in a series that discusses the process I went through to land my deal and get my book on bookshelves in Spring 2008.

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