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Dave Ramsey Officially Sucks

dave-ramsey-sucksI have always been a big Dave Ramsey fan, and believed that his financial advice for consumers is first rate. But today Dave Ramsey got it wrong in a big way. On his blog, he published an article about making money in multi-level marketing.

The article failed to acknowledge the fact that over and over again, it has been proven that 99% of people involved in MLMs lose money. Front and center in the article was this lie:

Truthfully, if you have a go-getter personality, and you can follow some basic business and personal etiquette, you can make a lot of money in an MLM. The trick is to avoid all the potential pitfalls along the way.

Truthfully? No, there is no truth in what was said.

What Does Another Expert Say About Mortgage Acceleration Programs Like United First Financial?

Don’t just take it from me and from Dave Ramsey. We think the mortgage accelerator program sold by United First Financial for $3,500 is a waste of money. We’re pretty smart, but are there other smart people who agree with us? YES!

Jack M. Guttentag is  Professor of Finance Emeritus and former Jacob Safra Professor of International Banking at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (one of the world’s best graduate finance programs). He is the former Chief of the Domestic Research Division of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and formerly on the senior staff of the National Bureau of Economic Research. Jack says:

Debunking United First Financial Myths and Deceptions

“The UFF program is the ONLY program on the market with these exact features and benefits.”

Of course it is. If it could be compared to anything else, consumers would quickly see that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. It needs to be some secret, special, super-duper, can’t get it anywhere else program or no one will pay the outrageous fee of $3,500 for it.

“We have a 97.6% retention rate.”

What Does Dave Ramsey Think About United First Financial

In my book, Dave Ramsey is hands down one of the best and most credible experts on getting out of debt. While I disagree with him on a few technicalities, we’re on the same page for most of what he preaches. The guy talks sense.

So when United First Financial representatives scammers began emailing me, calling me ignorant, stupid, and uneducated because I don’t believe in their product, I decided to research what my beloved Dave Ramsey has to say.

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