Market America Pyramid Scheme Lawsuit

In May 2017, Market America was hit with a class action lawsuit in federal court in California by plaintiffs Chuanjie Yang and Ollie Lan. The lawsuit calls MarketAmerica a pyramid scheme that is taking advantage of Chinese American immigrants.

MarketAmerica is a multi-level marketing company that has a number or product lines including Isotonix supplements, Motives cosmetics, and others. It also uses what it calls a “product brokerage concept,” which is essentially a massive affiliate program which pays a small amount of cash back to the the distributor when purchases are made at certain retailers while on the website. (This sounds just like Shop to Earn, a defunct MLM that screamed pyramid scheme.)

Per the lawsuit, Market America requires a start-up fee of $399 and an ongoing monthly fee of $129. Distributors must also spend $100 to $300 per month on to continue to qualify as an enrollee, and other fees are incurred to attend training and events.

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Usana Distributor Class Action Suit Filed

A class action lawsuit on behalf of Usana Health Sciences distributors has been filed today in San Diego County by attorney Alexander M. Schack. The plaintiffs include Jeannette Johnson, Christopher Crane, and the Plaintiff Class.

This is huge. The most notable snippets from the complaint include:

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