18 Jun

Judd Bagley is threatening people who speak out against the management and deception at Overstock.com?

Judd Bagley

Judd Bagley

As this site and the blogs of Gary Weiss, Sam Antar, Jeff Matthews, Scipio Africanus (pen name) have often discussed, there is an ongoing campaign to expose the mangement of Overstock.com. People want Patrick Byrne and company to come clean with the investing community. The company’s financial statements raise many questions, and the behavior of the company’s executives leaves much to be desired.

In the latest chapter, Judd Bagley, Overstock.com’s Director of Communications, is threatening Scipio Africanus. Scipio has been very active in trying to hold Overstock management accountable.

Judd thinks he’s figured out the identity of Scipio, and is threatening him: Read More

15 May

Closing Arguments in the Enron Trial

Kathryn Ruemmler, one of the federal prosecutors active in the trial of former Enron executives Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling, told the jury in closing arguments that the defendants lied “over and over and over again” to investors and employees. She said that they used accounting fraud, misleading statements and outright lies to help keep Enron’s stock price up.

Lay and Skilling counter that no fraud occurred at Enron other than executives skimming millions through secret side deals. Read More