Another Outrageous Overtime Situation in Wisconsin


Lately there have been several stories about government employees and overtime pay. I covered the gaming of the overtime/sick leave system by jail guards, and recently there was also a report on excessive overtime with nurses and other state employees.

This week it’s employees of the Milwaukee Police Department. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported in September on police department employees literally doubling their pay because of overtime. Continue reading

Wisconsin Prison Guards Scam Overtime and Sick Leave System


The scam is simple: Call in sick to get a day off, but then pick the next shift which puts you into overtime status. You still have your day off, but your next day is at time-and-a half.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel uncovered this clever scam run by Wisconsin prison guards. The story starts off with one sergeant at the Green Bay Correctional Institution. In October 2006, he came in for an overtime shift (or two) on the days he was scheduled to be off. But within a day or two of those overtime shifts, he would call in sick. He had a total of 4 sick days that month, meaning that he did get days off, yet he got huge overtime pay. The newspaper says he had 17 sick days in 2006 that came just after he worked overtime on a day he was scheduled to be off. He earned a total of $117,764 in 2006. Continue reading