Still questioning Sarah Palin’s pregnancy

Oddly enough, conspiracy theorists are still blathering on about what they believe to be Governor Sarah Palin’s faked pregnancy with Trig Palin. They continue to believe that Sarah faked a pregnancy while her teenage daughter Bristol was pregnant with Trig.

There’s no real evidence that Sarah Palin faked a pregnancy. In fact, there’s a ton of evidence that she was in fact pregnant. The only thing her detractors rely upon is bad circumstantial evidence. They use faulty logic in attempting to prove their claims.

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Debunking Sarah Palin rumors and lies

Someone has put together a list of the lies and rumors being promoted by the left about soon-to-be Vice President Sarah Palin. It’s quite remarkable when you read the whole list… All these rumors in one place really show how horrible and hateful the left has been in smearing her and her family to no … Read more Debunking Sarah Palin rumors and lies

FACTS about Sarah Palin (something the left seems awfully interested in ignoring)

I’ve been asked: Is this a political site? I’ve been told: Politics have no place on your business site.

No, this is not a political blog. And yes, politics have a place on this site. The blog is about fraud, and fraud isn’t limited to the business world. There is plenty of fraud in the political world, and I may blog about it if I see fit.

I’ve been outraged at the number of lies being printed about Sarah Palin. And we’re not just talking about people raising questions. We’re are talking about flat-out lies and misrepresentations being used by the Left to tarnish her reputation.

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Sarah Palin Church Speech: The Truth

It’s no secret that the Left is busy misrepresenting Sarah Palin and spreading vicious lies about her family. The latest is a video of Sarah Palin speaking at her church in Wassilla. Yes, her family’s church.The church at which she was baptized and her children were baptized.

She’s being made out to be a religious fanatic because she gave this speech at her church. What has our country come to when people make fun of someone for speaking about her faith in front of her own church?

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What if the Sarah Palin Pregnancy Rumors Are True? (I Don’t Believe They Are.)

I don’t believe all the horrible rumors about Sarah Palin’s pregnancy and the birth of her son are true. I don’t believe that it was some grand cover-up, initiated to hide the fact that minor daughter Bristol was pregnant.

All the left has on their side are some photos that indicate Sarah didn’t show much until very late in her pregnancy. It’s clear to my why the Palins waited to reveal the pregnancy… For starters, they knew their child would be born with Down’s Syndrome, which was likely a sensitive issue. I don’t know if that makes the pregnancy itself “high risk,” but it definitely adds a different dynamic to it.

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Let the bashing of Sarah Palin begin!

This is priceless. has a commentary by Paul Begala on John McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin for his running mate. He says in part: Palin a first-term governor of a state with more reindeer than people, will have to put on a few pounds just to be a lightweight. Her personal story is impressive: … Read more Let the bashing of Sarah Palin begin!