Our Forensic Accounting Process

Let our experience be your competitive advantage when it comes to your financial investigation or forensic accounting engagement.

Tracy Coenen has developed a proprietary process for conducting financial investigations that uses a unique combination of software to leverage our investigative power and time.

Our proprietary process can be broken down into five key steps:

1. Forensic Formula – Assessment of the project, definition of the scope of the engagement, development of work plan, issuance of an engagement agreement. Nearly all of our work is done utilizing flat fees, giving clients finite costs for their projects.

2. Secure Investigation – Investigative work leveraging intelligent technology, high volume document management, and a highly regarded fraud investigator and expert witness. Data is quickly captured from the documentation, reconciled to ensure accuracy, and deposited into a database so investigation can begin immediately.

3. Litigation Collaboration – Work with legal counsel on issues such as discovery, depositions, analysis of an opposing expert’s work, and litigation strategy. Recommend related services services such as computer forensics and private investigation.

4. Forensic Report
– Provide our results in a written or oral report with supporting documentation. Reports are intended to be easy-to-understand and inclusion of the most compelling evidence enhances the presentation of our findings.

5. Testimony – Expertise demonstrated through deposition and court testimony, extracting the most important information from our report and using persuasive visual aids to assist the trier of fact.

The Sequence Inc. process allows us to complete investigations more quickly than is possible with only traditional investigative techniques. Tracy can provide a faster and more thorough review of financial data, and her direct involvement in every aspect of the investigation means better results.

Divorce Investigation

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