Fraud Investigation and Forensic Accounting

Sequence Inc. provides fraud investigation and forensic accounting services to aid companies in detecting fraud, quantifying the fraud, determining the parties involved, gathering evidence, and presenting the findings to management, owners, executives, boards of directors, shareholders, and courts. Our fraud examination services differ significantly from the services of a “traditional” accounting firm. Our fraud analyses include a critical element: an intuitive ability to investigate fraud. While traditional accounting firms may have expertise in a particular industry, they do not necessarily have the experience to perform a competent investigation.

The services of Sequence Inc. are not industry-specific. We have completed fraud examination engagements in a wide variety of industries including  manufacturing, professional services, health care, insurance claims, retailing, investment management, banking, mortgage processing, non-profit, and construction. Sequence Inc. can be retained for either civil or criminal matters, and has been retained by both plaintiffs and defendants.

The firm assists with the following types of cases: