About Sequence Inc.

Industry Expertise

For almost twenty years, Tracy Coenen has completed engagements involving a wide variety of industries, evaluating financial claims and investigating allegations of fraud. Her specialty in forensic accounting means she’s an expert in fraud, and not limited to a few industries. She is able to quickly understand your business and industry, identify the relevant issues, and then focus on the forensic work.

Although Sequence Inc. can handle cases in just about any industry, our services are particularly useful in the following industries:

  • Accounting and Auditing –  Sequence Inc. has experience evaluating the work of auditors and accountants to determine if they carried out their professional responsibilities and adhered to the relevant accounting and auditing standards. We can provide an opinion in professional liability and malpractice claims, and have assisted counsel to plaintiffs and defendants.
  • Construction – The risk of fraud on construction projects is higher than ever before. Projects are plagued by aggressive schedules, insufficient documentation, improper billing, missing funds, and general disorganization. We have assisted owners, developers, contractors, sureties, and their counsel in analyzing documentation, determining the source and use of funds, and assembling claims.
  • Financial Services – A forensic analysis of transactions and the flow of funds is essential in evaluating the the activities of banks, investment brokers, and related professionals. We are also able to evaluate situations involving the application of accounting principles, the effectiveness of financial statement audits, and the defense of government investigations and regulatory actions.
  • Insurance – We have substantial experience evaluating and calculating insurance claims. We can provide assistance during the process of adjusting claims, evaluating the financial documentation submitted in support of a claim, and identifying issues and inconsistencies in the claim. Our expertise is especially valuable in on complex insurance claims, and in the analysis of potentially fraudulent claims.
  • Manufacturing – Since Sequence Inc. is located in the Midwest, the company has had the opportunity to work on many cases in the manufacturing sector. We are able to quickly get up to speed on a company and its market, understanding the operational and financial aspects of the business in order to properly evaluate fraud claims or litigation demands.