Insurance Fraud

Sequence Inc. examines and evaluates insurance claims on behalf of claims examiners, public adjusters, and insurance company investigators (SIU). We have assisted with hundreds of insurance claims, recalculating insured losses and examining claims for evidence of fraud.

Specifically, we can calculate loss of net income, continuing operating expenses, and extra expenses. We also examine the financial and operating data for claims that are under suspicion of fraud. Our fraud experience related to commercial insurance claims includes the examination of claims for losses that did not occur, analysis of overstated claims, and the examination of financial motives for arson.

Our services can include:

  • Survey physical damage to determine the extent of business interruption during restoration, and estimate the period of interruption
  • Analyze sales and production records to determine pre-loss activity and projected activity, had the loss not occurred
  • Determine actual loss sustained based upon sales made up, fulfillment of demand with quantities on hand, and potential purchase and resale of products
  • Perform calculations related to the asserted loss, and determine if the assertions are reasonable
  • Analyze inventory levels to determine the accuracy of inventory levels reported prior to the loss
  • Examine claims to determine if evidence of fraud exists
  • Examine the financial condition of a business or individual to determine if a financial motive for arson exists

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