About Sequence Inc.

Litigation and Forensic Accounting

Sequence Inc. is involved in all phases of the litigation process, from investigation to strategic consultation, through settlement or trial. Our clients rely on us to provide sound advice and independent, credible analysis of complex litigation matters.

Our firm’s independence is highly valued by our clients. Because we do not provide any attest services, we do not have the same potential for conflicts of interest as many public accounting firms.

The depth of Sequence Inc.’s forensic accounting experience is evident when examining complex cases. We see the issues in terms of the “big picture”, yet we never lose sight of the details and their investigative value.

Our work includes the following types of cases: (click on a heading below to read the description)

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Accountants' Professional Liability

We can evaluate the work of Certified Public Accountants when fraud was not uncovered or the professional standards were not followed. Our services leverage our auditing, accounting, and fraud knowledge to help evaluate the work done by auditors and accountants during financial statement audits, financial statement reviews, and compilation engagements.

Sequence Inc. has completed numerous engagements related to accountants’ malpractice. We can evaluate your case to determine whether a malpractice claim is viable, render opinions on whether the CPAs complied with applicable professional standards, and give expert witness testimony.

Our understanding of fraud and the methods used to commit fraud provides a solid basis for examining cases when auditors and accountants may be at fault.  We can examine engagement agreements to determine the scope of work of the accountants or auditors, review work papers and analyze deficiencies, and consider relevant accounting standards (Generally Accepting Accounting Practices – GAAP), auditing standards (Generally Accepting Auditing Standards – GAAS), and other applicable rules and regulations.


Our experience with distressed companies includes consulting with numerous companies throughout the bankruptcy and/or liquidation process. We also advise companies through successful bank workouts. Sequence Inc.’s forensic accounting expertise is important when looking “behind” the numbers. We dig into the details to understand how and why a company is in its current financial situation, and develop creative operating alternatives for digging out of the financial hardship.

Contract Disputes and Damages

Sequence Inc. has experience calculating lost profits and other damages for a wide variety of disputes, including commercial construction, fair dealership, equipment failures or accidents, supplier-purchaser disputes, and financial disputes involving negotiable instruments and secured transactions. We are adept at calculating lost revenues, lost profits, lost opportunities, and unjust enrichment. We can also include an examination of the company’s operating history and current industry conditions, including an evaluation of economic conditions of the market, as well as other factors that may or may not contribute to financial losses.

Divorce Services

Spousal disputes, particularly divorce situations, frequently involve allegations of misappropriation of funds. The experience of a fraud examiner can be an important asset to your investigation and litigation. We perform confidential investigations at the request of a spouse, using only legal means to gather information and documentation. Sequence Inc.’s divorce services include analysis of the source and use of funds, searching for unreported income, lifestyle analysis, dissipation claims, analysis and identification of property ownership, examination of business interests, and reconstruction of business books and records.

Financial Statement Examination

Sequence Inc. examines and evaluates financial statements, related schedules and notes, and other public company filings for potential red flags of fraud. Specifically, we may identify incomplete disclosures, misleading disclosures, failures to disclose, material misrepresentations, irregularities in financial statement data, relationships between insider trading and financial disclosures, and inappropriate application of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

Government Investigations

We aid individuals and corporations in defending themselves against government investigations, including those started by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and state and local governments. Financial investigations of this nature are often complex, and it is in the best interest of the target of the investigation to have an expert of their own to examine the complicated financial issues.

Money Laundering

Sequence Inc. has extensive experience tracing money moved with high volumes of transactions and through multiple bank accounts. Following fine grain details with a high degree of accuracy is crucial in these investigations. We can manage cases with hundreds of bank accounts and hundreds of thousands of transactions, effectively tracking the flow of funds between people, organizations, and accounts.

Shareholder Disputes

When shareholders of closely held businesses disagree about the numbers, someone has to sort them out. It is important to have an experienced expert witness evaluate the claims and the documentation, especially when allegations of fraud surface. Sequence Inc. can assist with damage calculations and other money matters during buyouts or shareholder litigation, with services provided to assist with allegations of misappropriation or theft of company assets and misappropriation of fiduciary duty.

Tax Controversy

Sequence Inc. provides expert assistance in resolving both civil and criminal tax matters. Tax cases are very often based upon complex assumptions made by taxing authorities regarding a taxpayer’s income and expenses. Those assumptions are many times made without a full analysis of all available data, but the burden of proof rests with the taxpayer. The taxpayer is generally at a disadvantage due to to the lack of expertise regarding financial documentation, estimation methods, and tax law. Sequence Inc. has the experience required to effectively challenge the taxing authorities on their calculations and proof of income and expenses.

White Collar Criminal Defense

Sequence Inc. provides forensic accounting services to assist with criminal defense, which may often involve a detailed analysis of complex financial transactions. Our firm has the capability and experience to analyze the documentation and numbers with integrity and objectivity, in order to present the facts accurately to assist with the defense of the client. More importantly, Sequence Inc. can often intervene and assist with an investigation prior to the filing of charges, so as to possibly avert a criminal charge. Assistance can be provided on any case that involves financial transactions and the flow of money.

Sequence Inc. has experience managing large volumes of data in cases with complex scenarios and the company has successfully evaluated causation and damages in a variety of industries. We can be involved at any stage of the litigation process, including strategic consultation, investigation, document examination, deposition, and trial.

Tracy Coenen’s strong background in forensic investigations and fraud examinations is topped off with skilled deposition and court testimony, having been named as the expert in hundreds of matters in State and Federal courts. Her hands-on approach to the investigative process is rewarded with a thorough, first-hand knowledge of the documents and data, which translates into credible expert witness testimony.