White Collar Criminal Defense

Sequence Inc. provides forensic accounting services to assist with criminal defense. Defendants are entitled to a competent defense, and that may often involve a detailed analysis of complex financial transactions.

Our firm has the capability and experience to analyze the documentation and numbers with integrity and objectivity, in order to present the facts accurately to assist with the defense of the client. More importantly, Sequence Inc. can often intervene and assist with an investigation prior to the filing of charges, so as to possibly avoid a criminal charge.

We have experience managing large volumes of data in cases with complex scenarios, and  have successfully evaluated causation and damages in a variety of industries. We can be involved at any stage of the litigation process, including strategic consultation, investigation, document examination, deposition, and trial.

Tracy Coenen’s strong background in forensic investigations and fraud examinations is topped off with skilled deposition and court testimony, having been named as the expert in hundreds of matters in State and Federal courts. Her hands-on approach to the investigative process is rewarded with a thorough, first-hand knowledge of the documents and data, which translates into credible expert witness testimony.

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