Campaign Finance Fraud in the Milwaukee Mayor’s Race

Milwaukee’s NBC affiliate, WTMJ, interviews fraud investigator Tracy Coenen about issues in finance campaign reports related to the mayoral race.

The evening newscast featured Tracy Coenen giving her opinion about inaccuracies in the campaign finance reports submitted by Marvin Pratt. She also commented on the assertions made by the Pratt campaign, and the lack of documentation to support those assertions.

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$68,000 to be Paid in Family Battle

Insurer settles in Gardners’ bitter dispute.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
By Rick Romell

An insurance company will pay Northern Rail Car Corp. $68,000 to settle a claim arising from the alleged actions of former company president Daniel J. Gardner. The development comes amid a bitter dispute between Gardner and his father, William E. Gardner, who owned Northern and is chief executive and majority owner of the Wisconsin & Southern Railroad Co.

The Gardners are waging a legal battle in federal court. The son accuses his father of reneging on a deal to transfer ownership of Northern and a large piece of industrial real estate to him. The father denies there was such a deal, and he accuses his son of trying to take the company and the real estate by fraud.

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