Illegal immigrant studying at Princeton University


Dan-el Padilla Peralta is an [tag]illegal immigrant[/tag] and a student at Princeton University. He turned himself in two weeks ago. He has won a scholarship to Oxford University in the United Kingdom, but if he leaves the United States he won’t be allowed to return.

Princeton knew that Dan-el was in the country illegally, but admitted him to the school and gave him a full scholarship anyway. The school essentially overlooked his illegal status. They did not require him to return to his home country and apply for a [tag]student visa[/tag], which is the legal way to admit such a student.

The issue of illegal immigrants in colleges and universities is hot. The Federation for American Immigration Reform has pointed out that each illegal immigrant admitted to college potentially takes away a seat from a [tag]legal resident[/tag].

Dan-el is also concerned about his future after graduating from college. If he does not accept the scholarship to attend Oxford, and instead stays in the U.S., he may have difficulty finding a teaching position without legal residency.

The entire story can be read in the Wall Street Journal.

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