McGee/Jackson Will Not Be Held Accountable for Criminal Behavior


Today Milwaukee County Assistant District Attorney Karen Loebel issued a letter stating that charges would not be filed against Milwaukee Alderman Michael McGee (aka Michael Jackson) for threatening to kill his ex-mistress while in court for a hearing on a restraining order.

During the May 17 hearing, McGee/Jackson turned to Kimley Rucker and said:

If you drive past my house, I will kill your ass.

The District Attorney’s Office was supposedly considering charges of disorderly conduct and violation of a domestic abuse injunction.

Part of the reason McGee/Jackson is not being prosecuted is because of the First Amendment. Loebel cites “free speech” in this case, and says that he can’t be prosecuted for disorderly conduct for this “protected speech”. She makes a distinction between a “threat” and a “true threat”.

Apparently, in Loebel’s mind, McGee/Jackson’s statement that he’d kill his ex-mistress was not a “true threat”. For there to be a “true threat”, the speaker of the threat has to believe that the listener will believe he intends to follow through.

Loebel says McGee/Jackson’s statement was an instruction for Rucker to stay away from him, but not a serious threat of bodily injury. She further says that Rucker’s July 20 request to amend the restraining order to prohibit only domestic abuse contact (meaning that they COULD have non-violent contact) shows that she didn’t take the threat seriously.

Has Loebel never seen an abused woman who genuinely fears a man but still allows him back into her life?

It is amazing how this so-called leader gets away with criminal activity time after time. When will he be held accountable for his crimes and his frauds?