The effect of inflated home appraisals

A slowing housing market is bringing attention to the issue of inflated [tag]property appraisals[/tag]. While home values were climbing and interest rates were low, this wasn’t a problem. Even if an appraisal was too high, the [tag]market value[/tag] of the home would quickly catch up. But now that the market is slowing down, some homeowners … Read more The effect of inflated home appraisals

Ringtone rip-off?

I was checking out the blog P2P Filesharing, and I found Marc’s post about ringtones. He makes a good point that the rintones people pay $2 or $3 for a rea a rip-off. He mentions that it’s possible to download a whole song for a fraction of the cost, and then make your own ringtone.

Quote from Lautenschlager

“If you’re a lesbian and you marry Osama bin Laden, tomorrow he will qualify for health insurance right away as your partner,” Wisconsin Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager said… This quote was found in the Wisconsin State Journal. I think it speaks for itself. Hat tip to Paul Bucher.

Former DA Joe Paulus charged in state court

Former Winnebago County District Attorney Joe Paulus, who is already serving a term of almost 5 years in federal prison for accepting [tag]bribes[/tag] in criminal cases, has been charged in state court with one count of [tag]misconduct[/tag] in public office and one count of [tag]conspiracy[/tag] to obstruct justice. Reportedly, Paulus has agreed to plead guilty … Read more Former DA Joe Paulus charged in state court

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Finally, a Consequence For Michael McGee’s Behavior

This isn’t much, but it’s a start. Milwaukee Alderman Michael McGee has had his drivers license revoked now that it has been determined by Wisconsin Department of Transportation that he had driver’s licenses under two names.

DOT merged the records of Michael I. McGee and Michael I. Jackson (the same person) on June 26. Jackson had a revoked license since March of 2000, so the entire record is now under a revoked license. The Jackson license dates back to at least 1994, and was revoked in 1997 and 2000, and these revocations were related to McGee/Jackson’s hitting of a parked car. The McGee license was issued in 2000, and has had 2 citations since then.

Read moreFinally, a Consequence For Michael McGee’s Behavior

The Journal Sentinel editorial board feels sorry for jail inmates

Why? Because they think the cost of making a collect call out of the County Jail is too expensive. The calls cost between 22 cents and 37 cents per minute. They say that it’s unfair, especially since many of the inmates at the jail haven’t yet been convicted of crimes. The phone company has said … Read more The Journal Sentinel editorial board feels sorry for jail inmates

Avoid state taxes by moving to Nevada?

The [tag]Wall Street Journal[/tag] had an interesting article today about moving to Nevada to [tag]avoid taxes[/tag]. The story mentions David Duffield, an entrepreneur who left California to build a $50 million estate in Nevada. He was hoping to save millions in taxes. Duffield made it big with PeopleSoft. So big that his share of the … Read more Avoid state taxes by moving to Nevada?

ACFE Annual Fraud Conference

Last week I presented at the annual Fraud Conference put on by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). I was presenting the topic “Marketing Your Anti-Fraud Practice.” I presented the topic twice, and had great attendance at each. The feedback was wonderful, and I’m glad that people found things they can use right away. … Read more ACFE Annual Fraud Conference

UnitedHealthcare pays $600,000 to settle complaint

[tag]UnitedHealthcare[/tag], a unit of UnitedHealth Group Inc., and two affiliates have been fined $600,000 for failing to properly respond to consumer complaints, no paying certain benefits, and violations of other insurance regulations. The settlement was reached between the company and the Office of the [tag]Commissioner of Insurance[/tag] in November, but announced yesterday. Included in the … Read more UnitedHealthcare pays $600,000 to settle complaint