Update on Merge Technologies

In a conference call Wednesday, the chairman of the board and interim principal executive officer of [tag]Merge[/tag] Technologies said that the company is making every effort to meet [tag]regulatory requirements[/tag] related to the company’s [tag]financial statements[/tag]. An independent [tag]investigation[/tag] into the finances of Merge was recently complete by Alvarez & Marsal, LLC of New York. … Read more Update on Merge Technologies

Ken Lay, founder of Enron, has died

[tag]Ken Lay[/tag], the founder and former CEO of [tag]Enron[/tag], was recently convicted of federal felonies related to one of the largest frauds in U.S. History.kenlay.jpg

He died today in Colorado, at the age of 64. Lay was admitted to Aspen Valley Hopsital with a massive coronary at 1:41 am and was pronounced dead at 3:11am.

Lay was awaiting sentencing on the [tag]conspiracy[/tag] and [tag]fraud[/tag] charges he was convicted of in May.

The Houston Chronicle gives this history of Lay and Enron:

Lay and Jeff Skilling, the only two chief executives Enron had before it filed for bankruptcy in December 2001, were convicted May 25 of conspiracy and fraud. Prosecutors said they duped investors about Enron’s balance sheet and the very nature of its business.

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The Impact of Social Software on Brands

Blogger Gautam Ghosh posted a brief discussion on how social software could affect companies and their brands. I think this is an interesting topic, and I wish Gautam had discussed his views on it a bit more.

Many of us have seen websites dedicated to employee complaints. Some employees and ex-employees post legitimate gripes with the companies, while others appear to merely be trying to stir up trouble or give a company a bad reputation.

At some point, I think companies need to take action to stop untrue and misleading information from being disseminated. However, I don’t know what that point is. With the internet providing a certain cloak of anonymity, I wonder what companies can effectively do to protect their good names and brands.

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Government Questions Yale’s Use of Research Grants

Yale University has been subpoenaed by three federal agencies seeking information about the school’s use of research grants over the past decade. The agencies seeking information are the Defense Department, the National Science Foundation and the Department of Health and Human Services. Earlier this year, the Office of Inspector General for Health and Human Services … Read more Government Questions Yale’s Use of Research Grants

Merge Executives Resign and Stock Price Plummets

[tag]Merge[/tag] Technologies announces the [tag]resignation[/tag] of director and interim CEO William C. Mortimore, Chief Financial Officer Scott T. Veech, and senior vice president of strategic business development David M. Noshay. Following the resignations, the companys stock price fell dramatically. The company has also announced that it will not meet Nasdaq’s Friday deadline for filing federal … Read more Merge Executives Resign and Stock Price Plummets